Acer Invest $5m in Starbreeze’s StarVR Corporation

Acer further invest in the StarVR headset from Starbreeze, acquiring manufacturing rights.

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OoglyBoogly384d ago

Interesting. Only thing I hate about all these new VR headsets and the tech they have is the WAIT for it all.

Being a current Oculus owner I am REALLY loving VR so far. I seriously use it every day whether it's on my racing rig driving in PCars 2 or watching my back while I'm shooting and killing zombies, I'm always doing something with it!

Now, sure, I have the common issues all VR users do like wanting higher resolution, wireless, better optics and FOV, etc but the only MAIN issue there is for me is the 3-5 year wait I'll have to go through before I can get better HMD's. More affordable 4K headsets with inside-out tracking, better touch and motion controllers, etc.

So yeah, enjoying the hell out of VR now but it's the wait for better tech that's killing me!

384d ago
datriax384d ago

The VR stupidity just doesn't end it seems. Could've taken that $5M, and dropped it in my bank account. Within a year or 2, it would have accomplished far greater good than flushing it down the toilet on this futureless garbage.