We Talk EA Woes, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Race, and Sexism with Manveer Heir

Waypoint Radio welcomes veteran game developer Manveer Heir to the podcast.

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ShadowWolf7122158d ago

Talking race with a known racist, this should be productive.

Tankbusta402158d ago

This is quite possibly the WORST person in the industry to interview. Stop giving this guy any time of day

TheOttomatic912158d ago

Hey its Waypoint what did you expect

TheOttomatic912158d ago

Manveer and Waypoint a match made in hell

BuildTheWall2158d ago

According to the Liberals / Progressives you are now racist for being white , minorities cannot be racist , women cannot be sexist , disagreeing with gays makes you homophobic , requiring is to vote is voter suppression & discrimination when everyone would be required to vote regardless of race , voter is considered discrimination while it is required to drive , buy tobacco , buy alcohol , collect welfare , use food stamp card , go to the doctor & 100's of other things.


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Developers Talk the Meaning of 'Rebirth,' Returning Characters, and More

IGN: "With a brand new Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer revealing the release date is imminent (February 29), we here at IGN naturally are full of questions about this next installment in the trilogy of games remaking and essentially rewriting the original classic. So we did the only thing that made sense: we peppered the game's developers with these questions, and brought the answers back to you."

Babadook716h ago(Edited 16h ago)

Great info. Nice to get clues on how close the story holds to the OG. Nice details on tracking, acquiring, and breeding chocobos, and their abilities also.

This is one of the very few "day 1" games for me this gen.

KwietStorm_BLM14h ago

There's no single game I want more right now. They've really been handling this remake with care, and it's the closest thing to reliving that experience again for the first time. All due respects to the RE remakes.

shinoff218314h ago(Edited 14h ago)

I'll be honest I thought for awhile square was gonna pull a , when you travel to the next town pick that town off a list. Atleast from the trailer it looks more like the og traveling wise I believe. Really looking forward to this. Hope that made sense

KwietStorm_BLM8h ago

Not sure I know what you mean. Like selecting areas from a list instead of actually traversing the map? Because that would suck.


Square Enix Answers 6 Burning Questions About Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Game Informer: "Find out why the game is two discs, if you can transfer data from Remake, and more."

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gold_drake1d 22h ago

i encourage everyone to go to Max doods twitch.

he played the demo or a portion of the game and showed it off on his twitch channel

MrNinosan13h ago

Everyone and their mother did, but yeah, Dood is one of the best when it comes to covering Final Fantasy VII content.
Also his spoilercast with Easy Allies from 3 years ago is amazing.

gold_drake7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

i cam assure you, not everyone does ha.
and no, the easy allies wasnt good

the dropped frames was miles better.

shinoff21831d 7h ago

Can't wait for this. Just a shame about saves not carrying over.

Workshyskiver21h ago

What! So my grind to LVL 50 with max materia was for nothing :(

CrimsonWing6921h ago

I think if you look at these as sequels it makes more sense. I think the balancing between each game would be too difficult to incorporate keeping new players in mind and transferring over progress from level 50 players.

Like 13 trilogy nothing transferred over or like 10-2.

shinoff218314h ago

Workshyskiver, that's exactly my thoughts I put in some work on that front

Workshyskiver21h ago

Looking forward to it. I just hope they let us play the game a bit more rather than interrupting us every few minutes to look at something like a door opening etc.

Knightofelemia17h ago

So waste cash on the remake to find out you can't swap the save over what a waste.

MrNinosan13h ago

Other than .Hack, I can't think of other games where you can transfer your save data to the sequel.

I'm happy each game is their own, and as SquareEnix stated, they want every game in the trilogy to be enjoyable by anyone, wether they jump in on Remake, Rebirth or the third game.

Knightofelemia9h ago

Trails of Cold Steel you can And the newer Trails games that came out you can carry over your save even ME you can carry over your save.

shinoff21838h ago

Would it of been that difficult for them to allow save transfers and people fresh starts. I feel numerous games have done it. Didn't mass effect, knightoffelemia mentioned trails games, I know there's been a few others.

I'm still really really looking forward to rebirth, so it's not a deal breaker just would've been nice. They still have time maybe ? Hopefully they have a change of heart on the saves

Snookies1210h ago(Edited 10h ago)

I seriously don't get this... How is it people were expecting sava data to carry over? It was pretty obvious that wouldn't be a thing. Considering they were calling each part it's own game. In fact, if I'm not mistaken they mentioned it wouldn't happen a long time ago.

You would be way too overpowered going into Rebirth. Not to mention, by the time we got to part 3 our characters would be like level 150 or something. That's a bit overboard. Remake was a fantastic game. Not sure how you can call Remake a "waste" just because of a feature that you "thought" might happen in the future.

shinoff21838h ago

By the time I got toward the end of disc 2 og ff7 I was level 99. And?

No it wasn't that obvious at all.

Snookies128h ago(Edited 8h ago)

@shinoff2183 - That doesn't mean that's how the game is MEANT to be played. Of course you can power level in an RPG... You're ignoring the main point of my comment. That the developers have always stated each installment is "it's own game". That's why it's obvious it wouldn't carry over. I was simply making a small point about the leveling being a bit ridiculous as an added note.

CrimsonWing6910h ago

How is playing the first part of the story a waste of cash? 🤷‍♂️

shinoff21838h ago(Edited 8h ago)


Right, it's kind of only the setup and all for the game. Naw just skip your good. Wtf who would skip it


Dead Space vet leaves studio he founded after The Callisto Protocol flops

Nyxus|1d 22h ago |News|17|