We Talk EA Woes, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Race, and Sexism with Manveer Heir

Waypoint Radio welcomes veteran game developer Manveer Heir to the podcast.

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ShadowWolf7121326d ago

Talking race with a known racist, this should be productive.

Tankbusta401326d ago

This is quite possibly the WORST person in the industry to interview. Stop giving this guy any time of day

TheOttomatic911326d ago

Hey its Waypoint what did you expect

TheOttomatic911326d ago

Manveer and Waypoint a match made in hell

BuildTheWall1326d ago

According to the Liberals / Progressives you are now racist for being white , minorities cannot be racist , women cannot be sexist , disagreeing with gays makes you homophobic , requiring is to vote is voter suppression & discrimination when everyone would be required to vote regardless of race , voter is considered discrimination while it is required to drive , buy tobacco , buy alcohol , collect welfare , use food stamp card , go to the doctor & 100's of other things.