Gears of War 4 Xbox One S vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison

The closer to Xbox One X premiere the more promotional videos we can count on. Microsoft just released Gears of War 4 trailer showing the improvements and benefits of playing the game on Xbox One X. Let’s compare that footage with original Xbox One S gameplay.
How do you like updated graphics?

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Obscure_Observer362d ago

Simply amazing! You can see the CLEAR diference between the two even on a 1080p display! Xbox One X will be a fantastic console, no doubt!

Bigpappy362d ago

Its a really nice machine.

4Sh0w362d ago

Yeah well I can't wait to see the real deal on my 4K TV.

pyroxxx362d ago

It is not a PlayStation, looks cool

Erik7357361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

I still would think to get a gaming pc for 500 over a xbox one x for 500 but everyone has their opinion.
I think thats a legitimate option to when basically your getting a xbox in your pc when your able to play most of the exclusives, granted not the old ones,but new ones and upcoming ones. I won't be surpassed if we do see old xbox games being ported to PC in the near future though seeing what Microsoft is doing.

ThePope361d ago


I think the thing you and people that share your opinion miss is that lots of people dont want to game on PC. plain, simple, the end. There is ZERO benefit to building a $1 PC or $100,000 PC if you dont want to game on PC. What confuses me is how hard that is to understand. Mind you I'm not attacking you. I'm just simply pointing out that PC gaming is amazing for LOTS of people and there is a huge number of people who have zero interest in doing it. No matter the price, value, or power.

4Sh0w361d ago

^^^^^^This, I know because I'm one those who doesn't want to bother with PC gaming I tried it years ago, felt too much like work, always upgrading and tweaking, finally just stuck with consoles only.

Plus Erik is full of it if he thinks he's gonna get a $500 pc capable of 4K to play Xbox games. lol

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Berenwulf361d ago

Totally agree. I have a PS4 Pro and the X ist just on another level. Every third party game will look better on the X. I'm still not buying it though, I just like the PS4 exclusives more. But anyone who buys it will be happy with it!

Enjoigamin361d ago

All those salty disagrees

361d ago
russo121361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

Lot's of effort for almost nothing. No evident difference and to spot it must use still images. Waste of resources.

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sammarshall102362d ago

That's a nice texture upgrade on the Swarm models

rpvenom361d ago

WOW why does it look SO BAD on the X1S... Did it really look that bad on release on X1?!

Immorals361d ago

Think back to when you were younger. The graphics on PS1 were amazing back then, less so when you look back with modern standards:p

NoPeace_Walker361d ago

It looks great on the X1S is just that it is so Beastly looking on the X1X, that it looks bad psychologically to the buman brain.

Dirtnapstor361d ago

It never looked that bad on the Xbone, never mind the XboneS. I have a hard time watching these types of comparisons. It's always funny to me how washed out the games look. Sorry, but I would have complained then if it looked that bad. I'm not saying the XBX won't deliver, just saying this all about promotion, and of course the XBX will outshine all other versions. I has to. Promo dept will make it so.

kevnb361d ago


Ps1 graphics always looked terrible to me, the games were often really fun anyway though.

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HexxedAvenger362d ago

i need to get me a 4k tv.... im just stockpiling xbox games for when i get my x1x. Maybe not on release, but eventually lol

pinkcrocodile75361d ago

I know what you mean, we have 1 4K at the moment hooked up to my hubby's PS4 Pro and the difference is incredible. We have the XOX pre ordered and will pick up another 4K Samsung the same day. I hope you get yours soon, you'll love it

Profchaos362d ago

Basically looks like the PC version on high

MegamanXXX362d ago

Actually I think the PC version still looks better on High Settings when you turn off motion and camera blur imo

Profchaos362d ago

Fair enough my rig couldn't quite make it without dropping to many frames

freshslicepizza361d ago

Then Microsoft should take that as a compliment when people compare a $1,200 PC to a $500 game console. It's impossible to build a PC for $500 that would even come close to compare so don't even bother trying to explain.

BiggerBoss361d ago


Damn man, you're working overtime;) it's okay, Daddy Phil knows you're protecting the Xbox's name.

slavish0361d ago

U must feel so bad now. Is that why u post soo much in xbox articles? Ps4 will still do great. 😔

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Sm00thNinja362d ago

Didn't expect it to be that drastic. Textures see a huge upgrade

jaycptza361d ago

Not really huge, I think its just better texture filtering

TankCrossing361d ago

They've already confirmed that the textures are higher resolution.

Better filtering does arguably make just as much difference though, depending on where those textures are displayed.

Sm00thNinja361d ago

Looks noticeable to me. Just my opinion

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