Switch's 4.0.0 update now allows for GameCube controller support with Wii U GameCube Adapter

NE: "Here’s something very neat about Switch’s new firmware update. If you’ve installed the new 4.0.0 update, you can get GameCube controllers to work with the console."

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Moonman412d ago

Does that mean GameCube games are coming???? :)

412d ago
Michiel1989411d ago


the gamecube controller only worked with smash on Wii U, so i think this is for the switch port of smash 4.

Uken12411d ago

YES! I love Smash 4 for Wii U. Honestly it's so well balanced that I really don't think they should make a new one. Just add more stuff and get rid of that Boardgame crap. Also put that cool Adventure player thing from 3DS on the switch version and beef it up!

FallenAngel1984412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

All they need now is GameCube games on the Virtual Console, after it launches of course

Sirk7x411d ago

Why would they not? They have a huge game already completed that hadn't nearly lived up to its sales potential. It makes far more sense to update the presentation, add in DLC and a few new characters and charge full price again opposed to taking years to develop a new game, which would need a new director anyways, as Sakurai wants to be done with it. He claimed 4 almost killed him lol.

Segata411d ago

Dude, of course, a Smash game is coming to Switch.

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