Amazon offering special Super NES 3DS XL Edition

Amazon has just announced a limited run of a special Super NES 3DS XL Edition. The system includes a copy of the original Mario kart.

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Moonman385d ago (Edited 385d ago )

Nintendo is on fire. It's already top 2 on Amazon and costs $200. I'm only saying this because $100 more gets you a Switch.

potatoMax385d ago

Very true, but this may be a limited edition. Great deal for collectors!

Moonman385d ago

I'ts awesome for collectors. If I didn't have a thousand games to buy this

jznrpg384d ago (Edited 384d ago )

I bought 2 one, to use and 1 for collection

XbladeTeddy384d ago

Did one here in the UK, a SNES one. No-one's buying it though as it's pointless, just a skin.

InTheZoneAC384d ago

If I didn't have the Zelda version I'd buy this

MetroidFREAK21384d ago

I have the Samus Edition 3DS XL... if I did not have that, then I would've gotten this