It's Time to Question the Good Guy Narrative around CD Projekt Red

Nic Rueben writes: "Glassdoor, of course, is anonymous. I could have posted a review myself if I wanted to. Some of the statements about CDPR on there are admittedly bizarre, including the assertion that 'The company has an annoying constant phobia of Russia'."

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Fist4achin360d ago

Intersting article, but im still not sure what the focus was...

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bluefox755359d ago

No, I don't think it is. CDPR is one of the few good devs left, and a few baseless rumors does nothing to make me question that. Perhaps it's time to question the legitimacy of this website.

CorndogBurglar359d ago

This is a very good article.

I have to agree though. Anonymous reviews from "emplyees" are simply that. ANYONE can go post those reviews. 50 total reviews, 24 are mixed, of those, 11 are 2 star reviews and 7 are 1 star reviews.

Its just hard to take accusations like this seriously when they are coming from faceless, anonymous sources. If these people were to come out and make these accusations then they would hold a lot more weight.

Chaosdreams359d ago

There's actually more weight to this than the glassdoor rumours.

This video essentially covers the topic really well:

Lamboomington359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

"No, I don't think it is. CDPR is one of the few good devs left"

Making good games and having a good rap with gamers does not mean they treat their employees particularly well. End of the day it's quite unlikely that these reviews would just pop up for no reason. Besides, most of the accusations aren't hard to believe.

EazyC359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

I actually liked the author's opinions and writing style-a rarity in game journalism.

I must say though... the entire conceit of the website makes me shudder a bit.

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Servbot41359d ago

'The company has an annoying constant phobia of Russia'

So does everyone else in the world besides Russia and its cronies.

DrumBeat359d ago

They aren't saints. They're developers. I have no idea what goes on internally at CDPR, but I do know that it's within the realm of possibility that they're actually human, and that infighting and rancor occur there.

Dirty_Lemons359d ago

Often we hold those we admire on higher pedestal, for better and/ or worse. I know I'm certainly guilty of that, but as you say they're just people at the end of the day. Flawed like us normal folk.

DaigotheKing359d ago

It's time to ban this site.

PixelGateUk359d ago

Banning, not so much. Most of the points raised can be dismantled easily enough while being civil. That's how you highlight bad points and trust me, they have plenty of them.

DaigotheKing359d ago

Unfortunately I don't have the patience to wade through the swamp.

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