Why you should start collecting for the OG Xbox

With the impending addition of OG Xbox games to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility program, collecting old OG Xbox content might not be such a bad idea.

AllGamers discusses a few key things to keep in mind when collecting for the OG Xbox.

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timotim359d ago

I still have some pretty good OG classics in my collection. Fusion Frenzy, Crimson Skies, Ninja Gaiden, Bloodwake, Brute Force, Links, Topspin, Otogi 1&2, Gunvalkary, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, just wating on Microsoft to give me the green light (pun intended).

BlackTar187359d ago

Co op splinter cell is one of the best coops ever

sammarshall102359d ago

A current gen Brute Force, Ninja Gaiden, Otogi and Splinter Cell would be incredible. Backwards compatibility is awesome in itself though

Shineon358d ago

Brute Force for the win! I thought we would have seen a sequel for it on 360 but it never happened 😔

timotim358d ago

Dude...that would be rediculous!

Black0ut359d ago

"Brute Force"

*Raises fist at timotim*

lol I used to have so many OG games man but only have The Return of The King, GTA San Andreas & 2002 FIFA remaining. I'm more than happy to repurchase them with the current $10 pricing that's going around though! Can't wait!!

3-4-5359d ago

Crimson Skies is the best.

UltraNova359d ago

Great list. Brings back so many memories. My brother still has my OG xbox and all the games I ever bought.

If only I had the time to re-play them...

rainslacker358d ago

I have close to 50 OGXbox games. But I'm a collector in general, and I got some rather cheap at some point, or got actual collectible items, which if sealed, will likely stay sealed.

There are some I do look forward to playing since I never picked up any console which could play them before. There were quite a few good games on MS first foray into the console market.

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Obscure_Observer359d ago

I´m very happy with the initial offers, but i´m still hopping to MS to add Otogi 1 and 2, Shenmue 2, Both Kingdom Under Fire and Jet Set Radio Future! :)

TheColbertinator359d ago

Got some OG games in my cases still. Thank goodness for physical.

datriax359d ago

Hey.... an opinion piece that doesn't make me roll over with laughter. Nice.

OG Xbox is most definitely worth collecting for. Along with any retro system really.

Most multi-plat games from that generation looked best on Xbox though, with better resolution support, and are definitely worth having on it.

Trekster_Gamer359d ago

And being able to use my Xbox One controller on these old games is a plus for me.

Trekster_Gamer359d ago

Not sure if I will try Crimson Skies or SWKOTOR first.... So very cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.