Cult classic Ninja Gaiden Black will be free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers

Today Microsoft announced that original Xbox games were coming to the Backward Compatibility program on October 24. Many of the titles are priced at reasonable levels but what if you want to witness the upgrades without purchasing a game?

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NoPeace_Walker2164d ago (Edited 2164d ago )

The news just keep on getting better. I already have the disc but this is another option for xbox gamers to play the game.

Master of Unlocking2161d ago

Can you just insert your old Xbox disc into your Xbox One and play it or do you have to buy the digital version?

shinrock2164d ago

I can't stop smiling right now 😁

Poobz2162d ago

Free? Don't you have to pay for Game Pass?

MadLad2162d ago

For those with the pass, the game will be free.
For those without the pass, the game will be for purchase.

Don't be dense.

LightofDarkness2162d ago

... but he’s right. The correct phrasing would be “included as part of Xbox Game Pass”, you still need to pay to access the title in any way. It is not freely available. Whether you’ve already paid or are yet to is another question, but free it ain’t.

The same holds true for PS Plus Monthly Games.

MadLad2162d ago


It is free ... "For Xbox Game Pass subcribers".
Are you trying to be willfully ignorant?

LightofDarkness2162d ago (Edited 2162d ago )

No game is “free for Xbox Game Pass Subscribers.” It’s part of their subscription. Which they pay for. If they stop paying, the game will no longer be available. It is not free.

It’s you who is being wilfully ignorant. Lay off the marketing kool aid for a moment and think for yourself. Nothing is free that is part of a paid subscription. It can be called a bonus or a perk, but if it is entirely tied to it, you are paying for it, thus it is not free. This is why the gaming industry is in the toilet. The concept of value is virtually non existent.

MadLad2162d ago


It comes with the subscription.
Those without the subscription are paying for it.

The average reader entirely understands the context.
It's you and Poobz who are trying to be the outliers, making a mountain out of your own false narrative, based on nothing but wording.

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gamingisnotacrime2162d ago

I bought it as soon as i saw it, still exited lol


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RavenWolfx376d ago

At the time of this comment, I am not seeing Odyssey on Xbox or PC yet.


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ocelot07605d ago

Unfortunately I think so. Not anytime soon. But in a few years time. They want that on everything.

605d ago
JL2930604d ago

Won't happen, software is where all the money is made. These companies take losses on these consoles and then make up for it with software sales.


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