History of Metal Gear: Building the Foundation

The history of video games is filled with games and franchises that have pushed the medium forward in countless different ways, from creating entirely new ways to play to innovating storytelling techniques still in use today. One of these venerated series is quite possibly the strangest, most unique, and sometimes just the silliest high profile video game franchise ever: Metal Gear. Within this quirky, oddball series, discussions of nuclear annihilation and child soldiers go hand in hand with jokes about irritable bowel syndrome and psychic villains who read your memory cards to screw around with you.

In any other case a mix like this probably would not work. The tonal whiplash of such a dichotomy should render every attempt at serious storytelling pointless, but somehow Metal Gear has succeeded in its task, and while doing so has become one of the most beloved video games franchises of all time.

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PhoenixUp451d ago

Such a shame to see such a great prolific franchise fall so hard