Will the Ataribox Be Another Ouya or Does It Really Have a Chance?

The Ataribox will be releasing in Q2 2018 however, a crowdfunding campaign will be taking place later this year. The console was revealed a few weeks ago and new details emerged which confirm the console will run on Linux. While this sounds pretty good, there are many who are concerned about this new console and rightly so. It could flop like the Ouya did and if you don’t know what an Ouya is then you’re not the only one. Will the Ataribox be a success or will it fall immediately off the gaming map?

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PhoenixUp954d ago

Atari should be working on making themselves become a relevant third party publisher rather than another console that'll end up flopping

kneon953d ago

I have yet to see any compelling reason to buy this thing. Will it have any exclusives that aren't just recycled games from the dawn of video games? I played those when they were new and see no reason to play them again.

ziggurcat954d ago

"Will the Ataribox Be Another Ouya... ?"

Probably, yes.

ILostMyMind953d ago

Probably, not. Ouya deceived many. This Ataribox does not fool anyone.

bluefox755953d ago

I don't think it has a chance, the market is too competitive currently.

lptmg953d ago

I really want it to succeed but I don't see how

Xenophon_York953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

How about if Atari decides to make a console that directly competes with the upcoming PS5 and XBOX Two? I think some gamers would be willing to take a break from the 'big two' (or at least supplement one/both) as long as the experience included as many third-party, whatever then-gen titles there would be.

(EDIT: Yeah—I know. Ataribox is going to be a mid-range PC that also plays Atari games. I was simply painting a possible route to success.)

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The story is too old to be commented.