Dragon Ball Fighter Z: 8 Characters Added Through DLC Pass

Info has been dropping today about the upcoming Dragon Ball Fighter Z game, from it’s release date, to the upcoming open beta for the Xbox One and PS4.

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InTheZoneAC2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

$35 for 8 characters, wtf is up with fighting games thinking they can charge for what should be free?

I can get massive expansions for less elsewhere but for whatever reason fighting games think they're the Nintendo of dlc, like it's some top of the line premium content.

And if course there will be those that think it is 100% alright to have such dlc in these games.

Depending on the dlc roster this day 1 buy may end up turning into "wait for goty edition".

Omar912158d ago

I hear you but just playing devils advocate here, whats the difference when a game like smash bros does it? I was perfectly fine buying all the characters and they were around 4.99 which is what each dlc character would turn out to be had it been sold separately.

InTheZoneAC2158d ago

There is no difference. No one mentioned SSB either.

Omar912158d ago

Yeah but fighting games like SSB, injustice etc never get shit for their DLC and this has been going on for years now

Clumpy2158d ago

Smash has way more content then most other fighting games and didn't need any updates (I can't belive that releasing a finished game is considered a achivement by todays standards) and it released with a rooster of over 50 characters. It doesn't justify the price tag of the few DLC characters it has, but I really wouldn't compare it to other fighting games. Imo, SSB does DLC way better then games like this and Street fighter

--Onilink--2158d ago

while I agree that $35 for 8 is quite high, and fighting games in general tend to overprice the DLC, it is quite a stretch saying it should be free without anything to back that up.

InTheZoneAC2158d ago

It's quite a stretch to say they shouldn't be free especially when the characters will most likely be done when it releases, but hey release dlc every now and then to make the game feel fresh!

Fighting games don't have much to offer except replayability and good fighters. And creating a balanced fighter takes so little time compared to designing worlds, level structure and missions.

If you believe no one bashed injustice for their dlc prices then you are choosing to ignore those complaints.

If any genre were to have free dlc, it should be fighters in fighting games.

ion6662158d ago

8 fighters for DLC? Thats called a sequel. Your paying for Dragonball fighterZ 2. LMAO

subtenko2158d ago

yea I bought xenoerse 1, didnt realie the limited characters, then a year later XENOVERSE 2 COMING ad its everything that should have been in the much as I wanted it I didnt buy it....

Your comment made me trend carefully with this new game not gonna be nickeled and dimed if some dev trys to practice bs, I will just miss out or look to another dev with more value for me money.

The_Kills2158d ago

Competitive games that lock out characters behind a paywall lol..

Partially the reason why LoL will never be on the same scope of Data 2. No one should be grinding for characters. They should all come out for everyone whenever they are released. It's akin to those early day FPS map DLC's that split the player base of people who had it, couldn't play with people who don't. What utter nonsense.

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iQuasar2158d ago

I suppose it is time to write this game off until the inevitable Dragon Ball Fighter Z: Universal Power Turbo Tournament Edition GT, to get those characters included. Right, Capcom? I mean Arc Systems.

Giru0172158d ago

While I know that Capcom has the Street Fighter stigma, this was very much in the pre-digital era and even as early as Super Street Fighter IV you could upgrade to Arcade Edition and Ultra with the same version and now SFV is giving Arcade Edition as a free update, not to mention you can buy characters with in-game currency.

Arc System on the other hand has been milking Guilty Gear and BlazBlue with constant minor updates and DLC (which is then included in the next edition) for years and get away with it due to the story mode updates in each new version (which does little for the FGC crowd)

iQuasar2158d ago

I am not sure if you are being an apologist for Capcom, but the latest releasing version of SFV is only including the DLC characters IF you purchase Arcade Edition at retail. The free update is only adding more modes of play and cleaning up the UI. Things that have cost them sales because they were supposed to be there day one. It is not some sort of extra freebie to the FGC for their support. Just making that clear.

Also, Arc System I hope is the next to reap what has been sown here. Victimizing your paying customers with additional day-one content is finally beginning to see push back from the communities out there. SFV was just the beginning of suffering sales loss for lack of content/completion at launch.

Think about this. $60 + tax + DLC = $99. Basically this is the developers and corporations telling their constituents that video games are now a $100 product per purchase to validate their efforts. I say that product can sit on the shelf, and I'll do better things for entertainment with my money.

subtenko2158d ago

this is what Im not afraid of. If we all tweeted or messaged them about this (and I mean like millons of people) we'd probably change their tune. Its a true concern and because of how they do business they may miss out on TWO sales now (xenovers2) and dbz fighter z...

AnubisG2158d ago (Edited 2158d ago )

The game comes out next year. Are they trying to tell us that there is no time to include these 8 characters?

Oh no, that is not it. These 8 characters are held back and most likely already on the disc.

Games are ruined by MTs, loot boxes and DLC.

You can argue that DLC is good and gives fresh content for a game you like but I would argue that ever since internet was integrated into video games it has done more harm than good.

Looks like I will not get this game on day one either and will wait for a complete edition which will be even cheaper with all the characters included.

subtenko2158d ago

keep the loot boxes (i dont buy em) people should be raging hard over this DLC already made BS.

rpvenom2158d ago

sigh.. what has the gaming industry turned to... paying for content that should be included... microtransactions.. loot boxes.. what happen to the days where you get everything in one disc and use in game cheats to do everything that they charge for now..

SegaGamer2158d ago

This is a case of DLC at it's worst and one of the main reasons why it's inclusion in gaming has done more harm than good for us gamers. $35 for 8 characters that should have been included in the game from the start ? ridiculous.

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ZeekQuattro68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

I've played dozens of Dragon Ball games over the years. For me my favorites are as follows but not in any particular order.
1. Super Gokuden 1 & 2
2. Hyper Dimension
3. Budokai 3
4. Budokai Tenkaichi 3
5. Legacy of Goku 1 & 2
6. Infinite Worlds
7. Raging Blast 2
8. Attack of the Saiyans
9. Fusions
10. Xenoverse 2
11. Supersonic Warriors 2

sadraiden68d ago

Hyper Dimension was so good, also loved the Super Botouden games.

ZeekQuattro68d ago

I forgot about those. Extreme Butoden was also good. It came with Super Butoden 2 now that I think about it. SB 2 was my favorite one as a kid as it featured Broly.