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Bungie is back

With the upcoming release on PC, Jordan Hawes at Way Too Many Games shares his thoughts.

"For all intents and purposes Destiny 2 is absolutely a sequel. It expands on everything from the SP experience and the MP experience, creating a bigger and better game but it is still not perfect and left me with some head scratching design choices. Not only is the grind ruined, but there really isn’t a point to get up to the 350 level cap. Playing the Raid on prestige mode isn’t going to offer you any overly great rewards, Iron Banner isn’t based off stats anymore so it’s essentially just a slightly more competitive crucible match. Somehow Bungie made the early grind a blast and more streamlined, but at the same time ruined the late game grind that all the hardcore fans loved about the first. As seen in recent news this is why some of the player base is leaving. There’s just no reason to keep playing and grinding, which is a shame because it nailed just about everything else. Destiny 2 is already in deep need of extra content. With that being said, in just the vanilla game I have sunk in 60+ hours and while some of the drive to grind is gone I will be back each week for those Milestones."

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lptmg385d ago

that game was a good ride until the underwhelming post-game content

DaDrunkenJester385d ago

Indeed. It is such a shame really.

I hope there are some big fixes coming its way that will change the end game grind. Other than that the game is awesome