How Gran Turismo Sport has returned the series to greatness

After a delay of nearly a year, the latest entry in Sony's famous Gran Turismo franchise finally hit shelves this week. But has GT Sport been worth the wait? Jamie Klein finds out.

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Septic412d ago

This may not be the best racer on the market based on critical reception but it dared to take a risk, albeit one that ultimately didn't pay off as much as PD would have hoped.

I think beyond GTS, people will be looking for the 'proper' GT experience in terms of content and focus.

Overload412d ago

GTS has a decent amount of great offline content that contributes to your rank and the driving is the best its ever been, which is the main draw for racing enthusiasts like myself. GTS is a vehicular masterpiece in that regard.

SCW1982412d ago

I couldn't agree more, the actual act of driving in the game is unmatched on console in my opinion. Asseto Corsa is more true to real life but that "magic" in GTS puts it at the top for me.

frostypants412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

@SCW1982, you kind of nailed it...GT Sport has way more in common with Asseto Corsa and iRacing than it does anything on console. I'm thrilled this sort of experience is on consoles now, even if some might miss "traditional" GT. I actually think GTS has better offline AI than AC.

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spreadlove412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

I think it is surprising that somebody would call it return to greatness, when it is the lowest scoring GT game on metacritic. The entire series has been in a steady decline with each iteration. GT was once the premier racing series and now it is hanging out with Driveclub.

I'm hoping this is a learning experience for PD and that the next GT will be a stellar title.

trooper_412d ago

That's because most reviewers made the mistake of treating this game like GT7 when it's completely different.

Septic412d ago

So most reviewers made a mistake now? This is the narrative we're going with now?

Lol amazing 👏

RememberThe357412d ago

Would it have been too much for them to change the subtext from "the real driving simulator" to "true e-sports racing" or something like that. Just to get the message across that this is a different kind of GT.

Although it dawned on me too late (already had GTS pre-ordered on PSN) that this was a GaaS, I'm not mad about the game I got. In fact, I'm starting to get addicted to it. We'll see what this DLC turns out to be but if they're going to charge for adding cars/tracks to this full priced, barebones online racer, I'm gonna be pissed.

trooper_412d ago


Prove me wrong then.

Father__Merrin412d ago

If it had a traditional career you would still moan like you would have done with gt6 etc the bottom line is you don't like GT as it's on playstation

TKCMuzzer411d ago

They mean the driving experience, you don’t need 700 cars to have a great driving experience. Reviewers are hypocrites these days, they down review devs for not taking risks, then when they do take risks they down review for not sticking to the formula.

The_KELRaTH411d ago

What actually is different to GT6 besides just cutting back on content?

GT6 has much the same online Sport mode
Licence tests
Arcade mode
Lobbies (but more sophisticated as it supports dynamic weather and track editor)
Car livery editor
Rear view mirror (basic rectangle for GT Sport, Full mirror in GT6)

In addition
Dynamic weather system
Massive selection of editable cars with different race formulas
Full single player career mode
Track editor
Can be played offline and doesnt require subscription
Double the amount of tracks

Goldby411d ago


Cant get an FIA License in GT6.
Doesn't have National and Manufactures Cup where the winner is presented with a trophy on a podium next to actual race car drivers,
has a bigger opportunity for players to become professional race car drivers.

just to name a few

Godmars290411d ago


Meh. Many reviewers are out of touch or too lost in bias. And not just game reviewers.

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MegamanXXX412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

GTS user score is higher than Forza user score on Metacritic. I wonder why? Maybe GT7 will be the game with more content and focus when it comes out on PS5 though

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spreadlove412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

You mean user review bombs?

If you are that concerned about user reviews though, there is Forza 6, a two year old game also has higher scores than GTS both by critics and users.

MegamanXXX412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

Forza 7 is backed-up HARD by microtransactions and gamers don't like that LOL

NoPeace_Walker412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

There are more PS fanboys than Xbox fanboys on the net so there is no showdow of a doubt that of course the user scores for FM7 is lower on Metacritic. Anyone can create an account or multiple accounts on the net and post 10 or 0.

But if you look at Amazon where you actually have to have bought the game in order to reviews ...... Forza 7 is rated higher than GT Sport by actual customers.

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Destiny1080412d ago

xbox gamers still on full damage control, LMAO

there's a reason why forza sales are horrendous

Septic412d ago

Damage control? Shouldn't you being doing that?

Sunny_D412d ago

They are horrendous because they rather talk about defending the only game they have all year than actually buy and play it.😏 sooner or later, Forza ain’t going to be viable for MS and they will have to cancel the series.

yeahokwhatever412d ago

"didn't pay off as much as PD would have hoped." The sales and user-reception both say otherwise.

Sunny_D412d ago

Better than Forza🙂😊

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ocelot07412d ago

First and foremost they are a business with the aim to selling as many copies as possible. Now I personally am a little disappointed in GT Sport. Mostly due to the you must be online to save policy. This can be patched I suppose. But we don't know what the sales have been like just yet.

We don't know if it paid off for them yet.

UCForce412d ago

Maybe GT Sports have lower reviews scores than FM 7. But I have to give GT Sports a special type because it took different direction and it did what it's promised. It nailed online competition. And FM 7, a great game but an average type because it's predictable and it's turn too much into arcade not in good way. FM 7 have lost meaning of challenge.

Realms412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

You don't like GTSport thus nobody should like it neither nice logic. LOL GTSport out sold FM7 in the UK already despite many negative reviews. I tried the demo and even tho I'm not a sim racer fan I could see why so many people enjoy the GT series the physics engine is really well done. That a lone puts it in front of your precious Forza no matter how much you whine about something and try to convince your self that it is better plenty of people out their don't agree with you.

ForeverTheGoat412d ago

Lol because sales equal quality right? You played the demo not the full game so your opinion can’t be taken seriously.

trooper_412d ago


Gran Turismo Sport is a quality game, whether you want to admit it or not.

Realms412d ago


LOL. You do realize what the purpose of a demo is right? If not let me enlighten you the purpose of a demo is to entice potential buyers to purchase the game. I myself included so how is my opinion of the game not valid, my second point was to point out how hypocritical Septic is in his opinions. He loves Forza and defends it's despite some having concerns about MT yet is quick to point out anything wrong with GT Sport. No sales don't equal quality but sales are an indication of preference and many people believe in GTSport enough to buy the game so again what was the point you where trying to make with that comment.

nix411d ago

It was largely expected that most of the GT fans were not going to buy this game including me. But I tried the demo and it won me over. Others probably had a different experience. Baseline is people are buying this game in spite of the "lack of content and SP". This game does what it was suppose to do: online racing is very well managed.

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OB1Biker412d ago

'I'm more objective than all if you out together'
Everyone can have an opinion. Its fair enough unless they sort of spam or highjack the comments. Umm
Why on Earth are you laughing and deriding people who are glad the game sells well though?
'Lol you guys are celebrating the sales of a poorly reviewed game? 😂'

Septic412d ago

Errr do you wanna paste the comment to which I was replying to? I dare You, go ahead .

OB1Biker412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

There r a lot of comments you can disagree with on n4g. That article was about GTS top selling in the UK. Somehow you felt the urge to reply to those doesn't change the meaning of your comment. Do you think people shouldn't celebrate GTS sales? Saying its a poorly reviewed game and you are laughing about it?

Septic411d ago

I told you to paste the comment I replied to. Go on and do that then you'll see why I made the comment

360ICE412d ago

Obviously anyone is welcome to disagree with most reviewers. It's not like consensus is law, or for that matter, that the consensus among video game critics is the consensus among most people.

Vizigoth04412d ago

What makes you believe it hasn't paid off? Did Polyphony Digital inform you? I think this is a good step in separating online play with SP offline. Hopefully the SP offline is the focus for GT7. That being said, can't wait to get it and test it with my PSVR I aquired last weekend.

Sunny_D412d ago

Top gear: “Unifying the whole lot is a handling model that, for our money, is now the best on console”

This is what fans are looking for. Sorry, Forza can’t compete.😊

Father__Merrin412d ago

Wrong. I have the game and it's been a blast there's tons to do. The campaign training if you will gets you ready for the upcoming online championships it's quite addictive to get the tests out of the way to get another car.

God knows what features and updates they have planned I'm engaged in this game it's excellent

TKCMuzzer411d ago

Gamers are short sighted my friend, those championships look interesting and who knows what plans are down the line. The online racing is tense and satisfying and dare I say it, pretty clean. This is ultimately what we want, racing against humans who brake and different times, take different lines, don’t people fine it boring against AI, when it’s always predictable the line they will take and the corners they go the slowest round. This games lays a foundation and I imagine will have a dedicated driving audience to drive it forward.

TKCMuzzer411d ago

It delpends how you interpret ‘best racer’, are you saying the best racer is the one with most content? If so is this how games should be reviewed from now on?
Their focus is the driving, the content focus is mainly people like yourselves. I have both PC2 and GTsport, I have played PC2 for 10 hours and GTSport for 26 hours, why? Because GTSport is just better to play, better AI, smoother handling, more consistent frame rate and far better online races which are actually tense on the edge affairs.
Of all those 26 hours I am only still half way through the campaign , so I’m easily getting my money’s worth. As long as they keep supporting the game , it will get bigger and bigger, the online events will get more ambitious and maybe for the first time there will be a console online racing environment worth supporting for years to come.

OffRoadKing411d ago

^LOL this guy talking about painting narratives, now that's rich.

nowitzki2004411d ago

Septic just stick to Xbox articles. You are completely losing it bud, starting to feel real sorry for you. Are you ok? you really haven't been your normal self last few months.

respekanize91411d ago

played every one of these games in the franchise to death...the game needed something different and is full of things to do. This version in fine for a 25 year vet of the series...

We dont need to win the "Sunday Cup" for 8th time

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corroios412d ago

Critical reception could be bias. They are starting something new and not put just one new track, talk about 4k assets, and GPU and put more cars.

The reality is that gamers are buying the game and by the end of the year it will have sold more then all the others racers combined.

More, finally all the old stuff from previous games is over. Finally no more crap model from last gen.

DaDrunkenJester412d ago

"They are starting something new and not put just one new track, talk about 4k assets, and GPU and put more cars."

You're right, they are adding something new and not adding ANY new tracks or have native 4k also DECREASING car count and customization and no career mode... That is something new to do for a long running racing franchise.. you're correct.

corroios412d ago

native 4k? dude thats PR all the talked about 4k. Graphics are more then good on the game.

Did you read how much time PD took to model a car for GTS? All the 1100 of GT6 are scrapped.

Should it have more cars and tracks, true. But that logic is not just for GT. If a new game got one single new track and more 200 cars then the last game....

Septic412d ago

"Critical reception could be bias."


411d ago
craig2web411d ago

Sold more than all other racers combined? Highly unlikely. It will sell a decent amount, but not sure it will be more than FM7. Many are interested in NFS Payback, and it's available on both platforms, so it will have high sales numbers. And FH3 has been out all year, so it may have the highest numbers of all by the end of the year.

corroios411d ago

Not sure more then f7? How old are you? You dont know what gt means for worldwide gamer and holidays are coming. Fh3 highest numbers. All the forza and horizons together sold 8 or 9 million on the one. The worst gt sold 6 millions. They are worlds apart in term of sales. Is like comparing the numbers of cristiano ronaldo to karim benzema.

Gts will sell all year. In 2017, 18 and 19. Gt is one of the biggest sellers on videogaming and only mario reach the same numbers in term of exclusives

BIGBOSS08411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

It is very likely that it outsells all other racers combined. GT sports at worst does over 5m units and at its best could go higher than 10m. There's no other racer that can even come near those levels, even when you combine them all. The other racers can't even sell 1m lifetime. Gran turismo is the only big racing game commercially. Did you really just say nfs payback will sell more than GT sport? wtf.. you obviously have zero knowledge on the subject.

Prince-Ali411d ago

You think GTS wont outsell FM7 are you crazy!!!??? loooool

craig2web410d ago

To clarify, I was responding to the original comment that claimed GTS would outsell all other racing titles combined by the end of this year, which realistically is highly unlikely. FM7 debuted two weeks before GTS. NFS Payback won't release until early next month, but will be on both platforms. FH3 has been selling all year and is still very popular - I think it was the 5th highest selling game in the UK last week or the week before last. Throw in sales of Dirt 4, PC2 and WRC7, and it's just about impossible for GTS to outsell all of these combined by year end. Also, keep in mind a fair number of GT fans are passing on this title due to it's lack of a proper single player campaign.

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NoPeace_Walker412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

We already agreed that GT Sport is not a game in the main Gran Turismo series due to the online focus FIA nature, small content and no GT mode for the game. So how can anyone claim it is returning the series to greatness if it is not a sequel to Gran Turismo 6?

Goldby412d ago

Gran turismo revolutionized the racing genre when it was first released, and it is goign it again through its FIa partnership along with esport centric gaming. no other game allows you to earn a license for track day or can make you an actual professional race car driver

Death412d ago

The FIA license won't allow you to race in real life. It's a digital license for digital racing. From what I've read, you are earning access to buy the digital license to compete in FIA sanctioned digital races.

Goldby412d ago


The 300$ is for the actual license that is sent in the mail to you. they wouldnt charge you 300$ for a license that you get in real life just to drive online.

There are 2 licenses in GT sport, the aforementioned FIA license and a sport license which allows you access to the sport mode where the tournaments are held. The FIA digital license is awarded if you meet certain requirements, work you way up the standings in the Sport mode and will allow you to take a car into an FIA race (once the details are set for it as its a new avenue for both esports and the FIA.

NoPeace_Walker412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

Returning something to greatness is by having it match or exceed what made it great in the first place. Having the ability to get a FIA license at the expense of cutting contents is not what made the GT series great in the past. That is like Metallica releasing a country album instead of another Master of Puppets.

Goldby412d ago


What made GT great wasnt the amount of cars, it was the driving experience and the detail they put into it, now yes some parts i wish were in the game aren't (performance upgrades instead of leveling up a cars performance) but at the heart of the game, GT has always been about attention to detail and realistic driving. what better way to improve on that than making the Partnership with FIA and allows players to get an actual license and start a real life career mode

Death412d ago


Check again. FIA is offering the "FIA-Gran Turismo Digital License" for gamers to race in the GT Sport racing season. Nothing about fees has been released, but it remains a possibility. This isn't a real license like some people want to believe.

NoPeace_Walker412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

Death is correct

DaDrunkenJester412d ago

If you honestly believe someone is going to call you a professional driver for playing a video game that doesn't even let you tune your car then you're delusional and need to seek help ASAP

Goldby412d ago (Edited 412d ago )


Look again.

You are thinking of the sport lisence which allows you to race in the manufactures and national cups in game, that consists of 2 videos.

The actual license needs to be earned before even the option of paying for it comes into play. the FIA license is the first step to becoming an actual Professional Race car driver. and allows you to enter into FIa santioned races in the eligible areas

"If you honestly believe someone is going to call you a professional driver for playing a video game that doesn't even let you tune your car then you're delusional and need to seek help ASAP"

Excuse me, have you even played the game, you can do alot of tune, not as much as previous GT games, and you are a professional driver because of the license, its the starting point for a few people who will make careers out of this.

And then theres this Jester.

turning players into drivers since 2010

CernaML412d ago

@No Peace

"Having the ability to get a FIA license at the expense of cutting contents is not what made the GT series great in the past. "

The highest rated GT games in the franchise have the least amount of cars and tracks compared to other games. So what made past GT great for you?

NoPeace_Walker412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

"So what made past GT great for you?"

Single player GT mode, playable offline, don't need to be connected to play or buy a vehicle like ALL the previous games including GT1. I think many are in the same boat as I am. Did that answer your question?

Imalwaysright411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

" make you an actual professional race car driver!

What? I... what?

@ Death

"This isn't a real license like some people want to believe."

Of course it isn't. Do people actually believe that they'll get to be professional race drivers by playing a GAME?

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yeahokwhatever412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

"small content"? 162 cars with hundreds more coming for free isn't anywhere near "small content". Finally GT has a real focus outside of collecting hundreds of cars you'll drive for 3 miles before moving onto the next one, and you're all suddenly stressing content? I'm old enough to remember XBOX Fanboys downplaying Gran Turismo's scope for years, suddenly Forza fans only care about car counts? Get outta here. That's why reviewers are bad at their jobs. They don't review games, they compare games against the thing they have in their head.

Death412d ago

There is much more to a racing game than car count. The other complaints about GTS are lack of car customization and a limited offline career mode as well.

DaDrunkenJester412d ago

They review the content that was shipped... not the promise of more content in the future. The fact remains the launch version of GTS is lacking in content.

yeahokwhatever412d ago

It's got 3x the cars as need for speed at launch, with way more coming by way of post-launch-updates.
IGN on Need For Speed(2015): "The eclectic roster of cars is only a fraction of what’s on offer in, say, Forza Horizon 2, but it has a little something for most gearheads. Garage spots are limited to five but the focus here isn’t collecting; it’s perfecting."
IGN on Gran Turismo Sport: "The car list is disappointing, too, especially as the 160-car figure becomes much less impressive under scrutiny."
This is why nobody takes reviewers, or you, seriously. This is what we call "fake news".