Nioh: Complete Edition on PC Isn't Locked To Preset Settings; Won't Use DENUVO

Wccftech has been able to confirm with Team NINJA that Nioh: Complete Edition won't actually be locked to preset settings/resolution on PC. The developer team also confirmed DENUVO DRM won't be used, alongside additional PC-specific technical information.

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codelyoko2051d ago

Great news, been starving for a Souls like game on PC.

freshslicepizza2051d ago

Dark Souls is on PC but this looks good too.

nX2051d ago Show
jjj03092050d ago

I never pirated a thing last decade but any kinds of DRM can go to hell. I have no grudge on pirates and all I want is DRM-free, consumer friendly industry.

Jackhass2051d ago

Hopefully Denuvo's days are coming to an end.

datriax2051d ago

What? A PC game that won't use the almighty armour of justice DENUVO?

DENUVO, the protector of the weak and just?

DENUVO, the guardian which keeps dirty thieves from stealing food from the starving mouths of the CEOs and investors of these companies?

DENUVO ..... well, you get the picture.

Ya, f**k Denuvo.

nX2051d ago

I'm actually at a point where I crack Denuvo games for fun without playing them, just for the statistic.

ONESHOTV22051d ago

the way it's meant to be played thank god i didn't buy it for the PS4 pro lol

Alexious2051d ago

It just remains to see what will be necessary to play it at [email protected]

ONESHOTV22051d ago

no problem for me my strix 1080ti will handle this with zero problems

psyxon2051d ago

please stop trolling. shit's mad annoying.

ONESHOTV22050d ago

trolling how? I'm a PC gamer and I own a PS4 pro ?? i'm just happy i don't have to play the game at it's worst

Shineon2050d ago (Edited 2050d ago )

Your eyes wont have to suffer looking at the the low textured pro ware, I was utterly disapointed with the presentation of the rise of the tombraider when I compared it to a pc system with a weaker gpu then pro has running the older tombraider in 1080p 60 high to ultra settings, I had to scratch my head and ask how is 1080p looking better than 4k oh yeah crappy textures from not having enough ram

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