What to Expect From Sony At Paris Games Week 2017

Sony has hyped up their appearance at next week’s Paris Games Week for some time now. Having teased “big game announcements” to come and with some high profile individuals at the company like social media manager Sid Shuman stating “You don’t want to miss this!”, fans are definitely relied up to see what the house of PlayStation has to offer for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

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UCForce453d ago

Well, God Of War released date, more footage of Detroit and maybe New Sucker Punch game.

zivtheawesome453d ago

God of War's as well as spiderman's release date and SP new game are all PSX i think. i do believe GoW and spiderman both get trailers because spiderman has worldwide appeal and this new god of war was made to appeal european audiance, but PSX feels more fitting for the release dates.
i do think that Detroit date gets announced and Dreams get re revealed with beta announcement.

DemonChicken453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Detroit would definitely get some exposure considering Quantic Dream is a Paris based developer. Feel the same about Dreams as well considering how long it as been in addition to WilD (Wild Sheep Studio which is again another French based developer).

Hoping for some other surprise announcements.

MegamanXXX453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

GAMES GAMES GAMES and then PSX a month later. Have lots of games to play on my OG PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch this year!!!!!!

FinalFantasyFanatic452d ago

I honestly struggle to keep up.

Genuine-User453d ago

I think they’ll save the release dates for PSX.

Christopher452d ago

That would be a dumb marketing move. You inform and get hype started before the holidays to reduce incentive to buy competing hardware for other software, you don't mention it once Black Friday and other events have already happened.

Genuine-User452d ago

You’ve got a point. But I just don’t see them giving release info at PGW.

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Relientk77453d ago

Hoping Sony has some new cool game announcements

Genuine-User453d ago

An update on Wild would be great.

Daver452d ago

That is all I want! Wild new infos

Cryptcuzz452d ago

That game looks so imaginative and beautiful.
Can't wait to get more footage and details from Wild.

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ILostMyMind453d ago

Only two Sony events are important, E3 and PSX.

andrewsquall453d ago ShowReplies(1)
bloop453d ago

Yes, I don't remember any big bombs dropped at Paris games week. I'm hoping there will be some dropped at PSX though. Something on TLOU: part 2 would be nice.

Lime123453d ago

At PGW 2015. Sony announced Gran Turismo Sport and Detroit.

bloop452d ago

I guess my memory has failed me!! 😀

FinalFantasyFanatic452d ago

E3 is a former shell of itself.

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The story is too old to be commented.