The True Importance Of Choosing The Motherboard For Your PC

The motherboard is arguably the most important part of your computer. It helps to put together other important components of the computer system. AS such, here are things to look at when looking at a motherboard.

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Gh05t363d ago

Full of bad information, nothing relevant here.

Garethvk363d ago

Hence why the author has it as an opinion piece. Their opinion.

Gh05t363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

The author is entitled to his own opinion, but that doesn't make the information provided good or relevant. Lets start since you want to submit this trash articles let me explain why they are garbage.

1) Motherboard For Your Video Types
Please tell me if you search motherboard video adapters in to any common search engine do you come up with anything useful? No, and why is that, because that is not how anyone who deals with PC hardware refers to them. When people say video adapters we are talking about changing the cable type like from VGA > DVI > Display Port > HDMI Not video cards. Not to mention I dont know of one motherboard on the market that doesnt come with a PCI slot on it.

2) Audio and Communications
The picture provided is of video ports so that is strike one and the other strike is that most headsets use USB now and the only people who would need more than an Aux out and Mic in would be if you were hooking up your PC to surround sound. But the author didnt even talk about the actual ports or connections you would need for any of these.

3) Server System
The auther start by talking about heavy workloads and making sure the CPU and RAM is enough but you dont even suggest how much you might need, or even suggest that they determine what the maximum amount of ram allowed is and if it runs in Single, Dual, or Quad. Then it goes strait into Ethernet port speeds (Who can find a modern MB with 1/100Mb speed anyways?) and moves on quickly to hard drive size which has zero to do with a Motherboard, what would though is Sata types and RAID configurations but not HD capacity.

4) CPU and Cooling
All the author says is most machines have 6 cores (No they dont most have 4) and says you may need one if you are a developer... thats it.. What does a CPU core count have to do with the MB? How about socket type matching to make sure you get the board that supports the brand and socket of the CPU that you choose. And there wasnt one word about cooling in the section with cooling in the title and again that has zero to do with the MB.

5) Your Type of Games
Even as stated this is more relevant to CPU, GPU, and RAM and not specifically the MB. The MB wasnt mentioned once in the section

Then we have the fact that the article is written with poor grammar, that the formatting is inconsistent (bold on some headers but not others), wrong visual images, and that you are now trying to defend it as opinion when in reality the only opinion given was in the sentence "The motherboard is arguably the most important part of your computer."

Garethvk362d ago

Considering it's as guest author and English is not their native language...