The Untold Story of Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Time’s up! Can you even pick one? Hopefully they’re all fun in their own way for gamers, but for 28-year Microsoft veteran Kevin La Chapelle, the answer to the question is both instant and unlikely to ever change: 2015.

That’s the year you heard some of the loudest cheering ever at Microsoft’s Xbox E3 media briefing. And those cheers weren’t for new versions of Halo or Gears of War, or even Project Scorpio. Instead, the Galen Center erupted in applause when Head of Xbox Phil Spencer announced what La Chapelle’s team had spent months working on: backwards compatibility.

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spreadlove412d ago

Blood, sweat and tears at MS for you the gamer!

Septic412d ago

"After Spencer replaced Don Mattrick atop the Xbox division in early 2014, he and Choudhry restarted the compatibility program"

And they say Spencer is just a PR mouthpiece .

Respect to Choudhry and co for really pulling all the stops on this . Great achievement

christocolus412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

I just found out Ninja Gaiden will be 4k 60fps on the 1X. With wide screen support too. BC team are wizards.

Automatic79412d ago


Thank you great read.

badz149411d ago

BC is the only reason the Xbox is worth talking about these days. such a nice feature. if only the XBL is not so gimped and dumbed down and those original Xbox and 360 games are easy to find where I live, I would have bought 1 myself. still have my copy of Gears 4 with me but still no xbone to play it on LOL.

if any of you asking why I have a copy of Gears 4, yeah I bought it for the free previous games! I can't simply says no to a great deal!

KillBill411d ago

How exactly is XBL gimped? Are you trying to claim the only other service of its kind being PSN is better?

badz149411d ago

I live in south east asia and my country does not even have a native XBL service. need to use the one from a neighboring country and content wise, it's not even comparable to those in the US or UK or even Japan. and the price is jacked up based on that other country's currency too. so it's expensive as much as it's inconvenient.

we have a native PSN here and with it sharing it's library with Japan so we get Japanese games early while still get western games the same time as the west aka the BEST PSN! prices are based on our own currency which makes it better. do you know we still only pay the equivalent of US$30.47 for PS+ a year? you tell me if THAT is not an awesome value! for comparison, using the our neighbor's ' currency for a year of XBL Gold costs US$62.32 based on today's rate. sheesh...not gonna pay for THAT!

Dragonscale411d ago

Pity MS won't invest those blood sweat n tears in new ip's and studios. Seems bc is the best thing going for xbone at the moment lol.

spreadlove411d ago

They are. It just takes time, but if MS is as invested into exclusives as they are the system, we are all in for a massive treat.

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darthv72412d ago

I welcome og xbox games in the hopes that it sparks some interest in long overdue sequels to games like crimson skies and perhaps rekindles the flame for games like a new blinx, mech assault and stubbs the zombie.

gangsta_red412d ago

This is what needs to happen.

Fist4achin412d ago

Yes sir. There is a wealth of titles to pull from.

badz149411d ago


as good as THAT sounds, sadly it won't happen.

Godmars290411d ago

Not likely to happen so long as gaming as a service is a thing. Or not without lots of DLC and MTs added.

Automatic79412d ago

I welcome BC, one of the best programs of this generation. Thank you team Xbox. Ninja Gaiden Black and Crimson Skies will be first on my list.

Battlestar23412d ago

Will the enhanced original xbox games come with achievements like the enhanced ps2 games for ps4?

Battlestar23412d ago

That's disappointing i wonder why Sony can add trophies to ps2 games but Microsoft can't?

Is it them being lazy or maybe they just don't have the capabilities to do it.

Fishy Fingers412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

It’s because they are system emulated BC. Not dev produced ‘rereleases’ for lack of a better term.

That’s why you don’t have to buy them from the store (even if you already own it) like Sony’s. Just pop in an original disc and the hardware does the rest.

It’s neither lazy, nor lack of capability. It’s actual BC like you’d get from a PC.

Team_Litt412d ago

Different focus. MS focused on getting these games running on Xbox One natively with enhanced resolutions and framerates for free for those who already own these games while Sony focused on finding ways to make you pay again for games you already own.

Battlestar23412d ago (Edited 412d ago )

The majority of gamers don't have a problem with Sony charging for PS2 games as not only is the resolution/framerate enhanced and have trophies but the graphics have also been cleaned up and look great on my 4k TV.

I still have my original xbox and some games for it but i hope Microsoft get more original games running on the XBONE.

I'd like to play enhanced versions of Deus EX Invisible War, Star Wars KOTOR 1 & 2, Dino crisis 3 and a guilty pleasure of mine Buffy the vampire slayer the video game.

MetalProxy412d ago

Free? Oh wait only if you have payed for the game before. Stop acting like it’s free cuz it’s not.

gangsta_red412d ago


If you have the game already then it's free to play on your new system.

Team_Litt411d ago

Free for those who already own the games... I'm pretty sure I mentioned this.

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NotAfanBoyy412d ago

og xbox classic edition mini when? :)

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