Has Activision gone too far with their patent to encourage purchase of microtransactions?

I think it's safe to say that the subject of microtransactions (and loot boxes) has grown into a hot topic as of lately. So with that fresh in mind, has Activision gone too far with their patent to encourage purchase of microtransactions? Well, here's my (Sharn Daniels, TGG) take on the matter.

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UCForce360d ago

Oh man, Activision are just worse as EA. I remember they said Black op 3 MP won't have microtransaction and Weapon DLC, but later on they just added MT and weapon DLC in supply drop. Oh trust me, It's Activision and they will implement it one day.

season84360d ago

The same goes with Ubisoft as well. The Division wasn't supposed to have microtransactions, and see what they've implemented in the game now.

TGG_overlord360d ago

That was a really low and cheap blow with no doubt. So we can expect to get more of that matter in the future with no doubt.

nX360d ago

Activision has gone too far dozens of times but dumb people still support them every year.

Eiffel360d ago

Luckily they're only for cosmetics in The Division. Doesn't affect gameplay.

Scar-359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

They are charging for TDM also lol this is why I don't even play modern games that much anymore every developer is trying to milk more cash out you someway now. I turned on my ps2 yesterday and had an absolute blast with COMPLETE games it was refreshing.

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TGG_overlord360d ago

From my point of view, I think that Activision has managed to top EA when it comes to greed, and that takes a WHOLE lot of effort...So it's just going to get worse from here.

Littil_Devil360d ago

If this keeps up, then I wouldn't be surprised if we have to pay for everything there is in their future games.

TGG_overlord360d ago

Here's the thing, if Gamers keep on buying their games no matter what. Then they're sending Activision the message that we're cool with this. In other words, Activision will then continue to implement even more stuff which we will have to pay for with real money...And then it's just a matter of time before everyone else in the industry simply copies Activision's microtransaction business model.

Palitera360d ago

^ Gamers will buy it. Simple as that. Most people don't even know or care about this kind of thing. So yeah, loot games/mechanics have a grin future ahead.

UltraNova360d ago

At one point we will be paying by the hour to play games online and thats after we pay for the OG game.

Want Destiny 3/4? Ok 60 bucks for the initial release with 8 hrs code for online play included! Then you can buy time packs for 0.99 for 1hr, 4.99 for 6 hrs, 99 for 24hrs and so on.

Mark my words guys thats^ the future.

DarXyde360d ago

Their business practices only have as much power as we afford them.

Activision hasn't made any money from me since PS2. I actually don't like their games as much as many others. They're an extremely profitable company so I know I'm in the minority, but I think if everyone stands by their principles, they'll check themselves.

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PhoenixUp360d ago

Just keep microtransactions away from the next Crash Bandicoot game Activision

TGG_overlord360d ago

Don't give them any ideas now...

360d ago
ccgr360d ago

Vote with you wallets!

TGG_overlord360d ago

That's the best way to fight this imo, because that will send them (and others) a really powerful message that we're not cool with practices of this kind.

justsomeoffdude360d ago

If gamers would just stop giving ea, ubisoft and activision money then they'll definitely stop.. Sadly y'all be surprised ny the number of idiots out there that just keep dropping cash for mt items.

Palitera360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

I believe the idiots are the ones reading the whole situation in such an insanely wrong manner that they believe a dozen boycotts will make any difference. Only the masses matter. They don't care about the 60 bucks you swear you won't give them.

nitus10359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

In the gambling industry, there are particular terms which are used to describe a particular gambler they are Whales, Dolphins and Minnows. The most prolific gambler is the Whale at about 3% but spends almost 50% of the revenue while the Dolphin (about 5% to 7%) pretty much send the other 50%. The Minnow (about 80% to 90%) will hardly spend anything.

These terms can easily be applied to the smartphone industry where about 16% fall into the Whales and Dolphins category.

We are starting to see more and more of the gambling (including microtransactions) being used in the console and PC gaming market basically the same terms can be used on these gamers that are used in both the gambling and smartphone gaming markets.

The question to ask is are you a Whale (if so you could be a gambleholic - seek help), Dolphin (you are making it worse but the publishers do like you) or a Minnow and all the publishers hate you - Awww! 😎

XbladeTeddy360d ago

That's the problem, people are and it must be in favour of microtransactions sadly because casuals and mobile gamers.

I hate it, will always hate and will never touch that crap but sadly people like us are the minority clearly.

Michiel1989360d ago

I don't think we are in the minority, but there are so called 'Whales' they spend a crapton of money on lootboxes/mobile games etc. I think 1 of those whales outweighs a lot of ppl who dont buy MT.

Palitera359d ago (Edited 359d ago )

^ That's right.
About only 5% of the players actually pay for MT in mobile F2P games. And, from these buyers, less than 10% pay the bills for the companies.
That's what I heard in a F2P mobile company talk, non figurative numbers.

So yes, they do the whole cassino thing just to screw a few players. They don't really care about the others, except to act like fodder or social fuel.

remixx116360d ago

Lol it doesn't matter, stuff like this is exactly what happens when we let publishers and devs take things to far, it's cuz of clowns like moldy that this kinda shit happens.

The defend it like it's innocent then the devs take it a step further cuz there's idiots out there who would support them.

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Littil_Devil360d ago

I didn't even like Activision before this, so I like them even less now.

TGG_overlord360d ago

I for one haven't bought a single game from them in at least 10-years time now. So I have no intensions to change that. Especially now that I know about their microtransaction patent.

andrewsquall360d ago

Dunno. I'm still in shock of seeing the Activision logo at the start of booting up Crash N. Sane Trilogy. Man, I haven't seen that logo video in a decade, lol, given how utterly easy it is to skip their games.

TGG_overlord360d ago

Hehe, I know right? :P It's something like that for me as well. So I'm just going to stick to other alternatives instead.

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