Hands-on: Skyrim on Nintendo Switch

In a month you can set foot in your very own version of Skyrim for the Nintendo Switch. We had a quick look at some extra features and technical field data collected at the FACTS convention from wh…

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porkChop361d ago

Are these times for the game card? Most games load way faster off of the internal memory or Micro SD cards. For some reason the game cards for Switch are weirdly slow.

Neonridr361d ago

that's odd. Game cards should be relatively quick - if Zelda is any comparison.

Prince_TFK360d ago

Can’t wait to talk Skyrim on the go.

DwightSchrute01360d ago

Everyone's telling me how good this game is, I watched some gameplay on YouTube and it looks as boring as hell. Am I missing something?

wonderfulmonkeyman360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

I can see where some would think that.
The graphics don't really pop out, even in 4K, unless we get mod jobs involved that drastically improve the seasons and colors of Skyrim. Without mods, the game is a bit of a boring watch unless this kind of open-world adventure game is really just your thing to begin with, so relying solely on Youtube is much more likely to give those that are looking into the game for the first time a bit of a bland impression of the game.

But, putting that aside, the number of quests is huge, building your character to a set that fits your playstyle is fun, and it's awesome to be able to ride a dragon after a certain DLC quest, as well as build your own home and have your own family.
The ragdoll physics are semi-decent and combat is simple and straightforward, yet also challenging unless you know how to cheat the system with overpowered gear that you've made yourself.

It's one of those games where just merely watching doesn't do justice to the full potential of its entertainment value.

I didn't get it at first, either, until I played it on a gaming laptop I once owned, which changed my mind quite a bit once I got into the spirit of things and really started exploring to the far ends of the map.

Also, your horses are basically gravity-challenged mountain goats that can climb near-vertical surfaces.XD

DwightSchrute01360d ago

Thanks for the insite, I'm still going to give it a chance and pick it up and experience it for myself.

Climbing vertical surfaces. I'm in lol

Smitty2020360d ago

Mate if u haven’t had ago of this game you are def missing out

DrJones359d ago

Maybe it's not your type of game, maybe you like shooters and sport games better

ZeekQuattro359d ago

Sometimes you have to actually play a game yourself and experience it over watching someone else do it for you and judging it from there. Uncharted on the PS3 comes to mind in my case. I skipped that game because yeah it had great graphics but for whatever reason I could't get into the gameplay vids I saw of the game and I watched a number of them. Before I knew it 2 was out and I had multiple friends tell me how good it was and I bought it. I soon regretted skipping the first because it didn't look fun on youtube.

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