Microsoft in a Pickle over Wikipedia Posts

Microsoft found itself amidst a raging controversy after it was disclosed that it offered a payment to a blogger to change technical articles about the company on Wikipedia, the community-produced Web encyclopedia site. Apparently, Microsoft was unhappy with certain articles about the company on Wikipedia and wanted to change them. It offered some monetary compensation to a blogger by name Rick Jelliffe to rectify the errors in the entries...

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The great 15721d ago

I knew they were desperate, i didin't releaise they were this desperate!

THWIP5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

1.) No $$ actually changed hands
2.) This had nothing to do with gaming, or Sony, so the comparison to what Sony did is beyond retarded.
3.) MS wasn't trying to "pay off people to write good things about them", you illiterate moron. If you could f*cking comprehend plain English, you'd know they were trying to get FALSE, potentially damaging info CORRECTED, which they believed was posted by a competitor, IBM (maybe even Sony, you never know).

It's truly a shame your mother was too chicken to use that coat hanger. :o

UrbanJabroni5721d ago

Everyone just read that post and please move along.

power of Green 5721d ago (Edited 5721d ago )

I was just going to say this fool pulled this sh*t out of his ass. These Sony fans have trashed this site. I seen the story on AOTS on G4 this PS3 fan has twisted this to his cause. Has nothing to do with paying people to lie. lol AOTS had one of the big wiggs on the LOOP he never said anything this Fony(PS3alltheway) is saying.

FirstknighT5721d ago

I think its funny how sony boys search the web for bad Microsoft news!!! HAHA, thats pathetic!!! Get a life!

marionz5721d ago

like how they payed hush money so they could claim assasins creed and virtua fighter were exclusive just so they could keep a few fans from swaping consoles? its buisness and yes it gets dirty but who cares, sony made that fake site claiming to be a fan site? remember? sony is as dirty as anyone else! only difference is they overhype their consoles, claiming to be best when they usually arnt, thats why they keep some of the specs of the ps3 secret! and yes waitstation fans searching for bad MS news is sad! ever noticed how there is more REAL bad news for the ps3 then there is for the 360!

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