NBA 2K18 Badges Guide – Unlock every single badge

In this guide, we take you through each and every NBA 2K18 badge, and how to get them.

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Jcage12431d ago

This shouldn't have been approved. Duplicate


7 Games Almost Killed by Microtransactions

Microtransactions are generally bad. It is very rare to see them well implemented in games. Worse, these supplemental purchases can completely mess up the balance, make a product pay-to-win, and even rip people off. Sometimes, they can even kill games! Here are seven of the most frustrating examples of recent microtransactions. Use them as a warning to keep in mind when you should be skeptical of some developers and publishers’ intentions.

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thatguyhayat2052d ago

But black ops4 was already killed after the pay to win. Battlefront 2 was a disaster and evolve met a horrible end

Elda2052d ago

Every game I've played that had MTs were payed absolutely no mind.Played from beginning to end without a MT hitch.


NPD Reveals Top 10 Games by Dollar Sales on PS4 and XB1; Marvel's Spider-Man About to Get There

Mat Piscatella from The NPD Group revealed the Top 10 games by dollar sales on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One until October 6th. He also said Spider-Man will soon enter the chart on PlayStation 4.

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ccgr2056d ago

I only own Destiny 2 and Fallout 4 from the list

kneon2056d ago

On PS4 I only have God of War, I wouldn't spend money on any of the other games on the list.

Strafe2056d ago

No one asked you to. Little tip, no one gives a shit what you spend your money on.

You're not that important.

If you were a star in the 60's some people might care, but you're just, well, you're you.

kneon2056d ago

I'm obviously important enough for you to be upset that I don't care about some game that you like. You really should learn not to care about what other people do or say, you'll be much happier in life.

JEECE2056d ago


That awkward moment when you care enough to try to actively convince people you don't care.

Skankinruby2056d ago

Lmao you got downvoted 5 times just for acknowledging what you own, some people really are a special kind of stupid

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Kribwalker2056d ago

Interesting. Currently each console only has 1 exclusive in the top 10, GOW and Halo 5. the rest of the games are multi plats.

Sunny_D2056d ago

Literally half them are COD. Doesn’t mean much.

Kribwalker2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

it means that those multiplat multiplayer games are consistently the top sellers

milohighclub2056d ago

This is U.S only. Curious as to worldwide top ten

S2Killinit2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

Well we already know that God of War and Spiderman are the highest sellers on PS4. But regardless, the fact that multiplats sell more doesnt take away anything from the importance of exclusives (in case that is what you are implying), otherwise we would all be playing candycrush, exclusives are still what differentiates consoles, as evident from the sales of consoles themselves.

Ps: this is U.S. sales only.

81BX2056d ago

No one is down playing exclusives. However what I have seen on this site is the undervaluing of multiplants.

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Rude-ro2056d ago

Kirb, you already own the console that does not care about making good games or exclusives.. so what are trying to push with this repetitive topic of yours?

The majority of gamers have chosen something that offers more.. no reason to drag down another console to the lower level of Xbox..,
One defines gaming on a commercialism level, the other defines itself by games.

gangsta_red2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )

"The majority of gamers have chosen something that offers more.."

More? Looks like more of the same, as both consoles the majority of gamers on each are giving money to the same games, GTA V and CoD.

"...so what are trying to push with this repetitive topic of yours? "

I believe he's hammering home the topic he's been trying to get across for a while now but others just refuse to listen. And that's the topic of MP games being more popular for today's gaming. Also how everyone here screams "exclusives!" and yet the games making the most money are multiplatform.

Do exclusives matter still, sure. But it's time to start looking at a bigger picture than just people screaming exclusive and nothing else afterwards.

Nyxus2056d ago

@ gangsta_red: and the games that sell systems are often exclusives. If they didn't matter, then why is the Xbox One being outsold 2:1 by the PS4, even though they have the most powerful system right now? Can anyone explain that?

Rude-ro2056d ago (Edited 2056d ago )


No.. it is about what creates sales.
Like I stated, it is fact of history now, the Xbox started its decline 4 years before last gen ended due to its offerings and the repetitiveness of the titles offered.

One becomes the market leader because of not only offering third party games, but also offering titles that are not the same ol third party games.

My point, of which a certain group will ignore, that a larger install exists because of more and unique offerings.

Or are you trying to say that one or two third party games with great sales are the only games to focus on?
Horizon sold number equivalent or more than third party games on average..
God of war, uncharted, etc have all put up numbers that compete withthird party games.
Tomb raider was a third party game and the three games cominded on pc and consoles did not swell as many as uncharted did this gen.

Do you really think your selective argument outweighs facts?

CarlDechance2056d ago

Who yells "exclusives" because they are thinking about how much money they make for the console? Sales are a result of a successful game. They are not the reason for buying or being excited for exclusives.

S2Killinit2055d ago

Come now, you KNOW he is right, just give it up.

gangsta_red2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

"..and the games that sell systems are often exclusives"

Right from the launch the PS4 was selling better than the Xbox. The PS4 exclusives didn't really kick in until years later so it's not really the exclusives that sell consoles especially when we all know the absolutely horrid and infamous launch Xbox One had.

And again, I didn't say exclusives didn't matter.


"Do you really think your selective argument outweighs facts?"

Selective? The facts are right there in this article. Where's Horizon? Where's the other Sony exclusives besides God of War and maybe Spider-Man down the line.

I never said Horizon didn't do well (or any exclusive ) or wasn't successful but the games on this list tell a different story than what most here constantly preach.

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gangsta_red2056d ago

GTA V going strong and CoD is just killing it on both systems.

No wonder the latest CoD went MP only.

doggo842056d ago

PS4 is going to get a second next month

Nyxus2056d ago

That may be so, but exclusives have proven to be extremely important. God of War and Spider-Man have had a huge impact on Sony's success this year. But you probably know that.

Kribwalker2056d ago

It’s interesting to see that 9 out of the top 10 games on both consoles are MP centric games tho. Almost as if MP games have a bigger impact then SP games this gen....Definitely exclusives help sell a console, but more and more, it’s the big multi platform games that typically sell more and appeal to more. RDR2 is about to jump on to both of these lists as well

Nyxus2056d ago

@ Kribwalker: and at the same time, we've seen single player games break several records recently. Look at God of War and Spider-Man for two examples from just this year.

UCForce2056d ago

@Kribwalker The thing is that Single Player games still have huge impact for gaming industry. I know Red Dead Redemption 2 will have online mode in couple months, but right now the game is selling faster than ever even the game have SP mode. God of War and Spider Man have pushed PS4 units even furthe thank to exclusive, not just third party support.