Persona might have the formula for the perfect X-Men game

X-Men has been one of Marvel's biggest properties for a long time, and not just in comic books. Before the days of the MCU, Marvel actually seemed to enjoy putting X-Men on a pedestal. The mutant team had a character almost everyone could relate to and the plight of being ostracized by the masses is pretty timeless.

What if the X-Men starred in a Persona style RPG?

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gangsta_red363d ago

"What if the X-Men starred in a Persona style RPG?"

Gentlemen, you had my curiosity… but now you have my attention.

The_Jackel362d ago

i could see it.... i wonder what it would actually be like to play x-men in that style game.
Atlus/deep silver make it happen!!!

blitz0623362d ago (Edited 362d ago )

inb4 Marvel/Disney x Atlus/Sega partnership

CorndogBurglar362d ago

It would be awesome!

I've always wanted an X-Men Final Fantasy style, turn based RPG. This would also be awesome.

vivid83363d ago

Don’t write such things ... now I want that game

362d ago
PhoenixUp363d ago

How ironic is it that the X-Men, a group that've been ostracized by the fictional masses, have been ostracized by their very own publisher across various mediums?

At this point I'd accept any new quality of X-Men game, no matter the genre.

Minimox16362d ago

Man I remember how great was the 3d xmen fight for PSone, i think i called xmen mutant academy, was such bad ass, i even accept if that game get released in the PSN store has a psone classic

Protagonist363d ago

Persona is the perfect formula period.

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