Mario Odyssey director - purpose behind having Mario in New Donk City's realistic environment

The very first thing we ever saw from Super Mario Odyssey was New Donk City. And it’s no ordinary city: Mario is running and jumping around with realistic people around him. The concept of New Donk City may seem strange for a Mario title, but there was a purpose behind it.

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PhoenixUp358d ago

I'm glad this setting exists. It pays homage to Mario's background as being originally from New York.

Prince_TFK358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

I am more excited for this stage than any other stages, mainly because you can posses car and ride on motorbike.

Xenophon_York358d ago

One of the main elements enjoyed about Mario is its fantasy, cartoon aura. It's why I like Nintendo. It's what the company excels at. If I wanted 'realism' I'd fire up Uncharted on the PlayStation, or Quantum Break on XBOX.

Prince_TFK358d ago (Edited 358d ago )

Yeah but it is jus one stage. There are many other stages with different setting.

I personally love this stage and it is mainly the reason that make me really interested in this game and will buy it day one. It is something new, fresh, and innovative for a Mario game and I'm glad Nintendo took that risk.

TankCrossing358d ago

True, those games are highly realistic. Why just the other day I was commuting to work along the walls of an old ruined temple, and as I hauled myself across a precarious gap the stone ledge that took a hold of partially crumbled. Happens all the time.

Sometimes it is nice to kick back and enjoy something a bit more light-hearted. Shooting people also begins to weigh on your conscience after a while, so a bit of Nintendo time eases the soul.

nX358d ago

I killed around 5000 orcs this week and my conscience is better than it was before.

Xenophon_York358d ago

Didn't realize Nintendo fans were so sensitive and aggressive. Nothing I stated was an opinion or a disputed well-known fact. PlayStation has Gran Turismo, XBOX has Forza, and then Nintendo has Mario Kart. It's nothing to be ashamed of, sheesh.

Gh05t358d ago

Isnt that exactly what this is though? A cartoon inside of a semi"realistic" world. Its bringing the Mario cartoonishness to a familiar setting. It didnt loose its character, it brought its Nintendo cartoon character to a place we can literally relate to and made it cartoon-y.

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