Nintendo Switch’s first portable dock offers freedom, but with new shackles

Nyko had clearly been watching my Nintendo Switch coverage. The accessory maker invited me to an E3 demo this summer with promises of all kinds of new, third-party Switch accessories, but this wasn't about carrying cases or screen protectors. The invite frontloaded one accessory above them all: the Nyko Portable Docking Kit.

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Summons75453d ago

I don't like the design, there is no support for it outside of the USB C. I'll stick with the original dock, at least there I know it won't break if it gets bumped the wrong way.

TheUndertaker85453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

I'd generally agree but do keep in mind this is the first consumer release. New iterations will be likely to address design flaws found with this one. The writer notes that the smaller size and lack of degrading are positives versus the stock Switch dock.

Valkron1453d ago

I just canceled my order. Think I’ll pay the extra $ for the official dock for the bedroom