Devil May Cry Creator Gives Thoughts on DMC 3 & 4

Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya recently told fans his thoughts on both Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4. Find out what he thought about the games.

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MrSwankSinatra458d ago

Mannnn, screw this dude and his overrated ass studio.

thatguyhayat457d ago

If it wasnt for this dude* there wouldnt be a devil may cry, okami and bayonetta among others too. He is after all the king of hack and slash

roadkillers457d ago

Just for reference this guys resume includes:

Resident Evil 1 - Planner (87.23%)
Resident Evil 2 - Director (93.13%)
Devil May Cry - Director (92.6%)
Resident Evil Zero - Game Design (84.18%)
Viewtiful Joe - Director (91.19%)
Viewtiful Joe 2 - Story (85.87%)
Okami - Director (92.65%)
Bayonetta - Story and Director (91.00%)
Wonderful 101 - Story and Director (78.02%)
Bayonetta 2 - Story and Director (91.38%)

Not to mention Scalebound was in development with this guy as the director before being trashed. Guy has been very consistent with the quality of his games excluding Wonderful 101 which some loved and some hated.

thatguyhayat457d ago

Aah im such an idiot i left out wonderful 101. I was one of very few looking forward to scalebound

MrSwankSinatra457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Yeah, anything after re zero i don't care about, those games are trash. Btw he never directed bayonetta 2 or viewtiful joe 2, so you're lying.

roadkillers457d ago

He was Story for Viewtiful Joe 2 and from my understanding did Direct Bay 2.

Venox2008457d ago

To be honest for me Wonderful 101 is one of the best Platinum's game

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Godmars290457d ago

DMC4 was half done, then copy/pasted to make it into a full game. Thought that was common knowledge?

MrSwankSinatra457d ago

Yeah, but that wasn't Hideki Itsuno's fault, he and his team were progressing through development fine, it wasn't until capcom decided to rush them, the gameplay alone is second to none, bayonetta doesn't even compare to DMC4 gameplay wise.

Featuring_Dante457d ago

The only repeated levels are level 12 or 13 until 17. The game has 20 levels, how is this a half game exactly?
The combat system alone is worth a purchase in DMC4.

jeremyj2913457d ago

It was actually pretty far in development, but when Capcom decided to go multiplatform due to the success of Lost Planet, pretty much everything was scrapped and they had to start over. That's why Nero was brought in to be a character that didn't have multiple games under his belt and would serve as a starting point for those new to the series. In other words, 360 owners that Capcom wanted to attract.

PhoenixUp457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

I still gotta hand it Hideaki Itsuno for redeeming himself with Devil May Cry 3 after the polarizing reception that is Devil May Cry 2.

Yes he was brought in to direct DMC2 only midway through its development so he's not entirely at fault with that end result, but many people still regard DMC3 as being even better than Hideki Kamiya's DMC1.

DMC4 was also a great title, but the development was rushed which clearly shows in the end product where playing as Dante meant you had to backtrack through the entire game. The Special Edition added Vergil, Lady, & Trish which were nice touches but that backtracking really hampers a nice experience.

ZombieKiller457d ago

I agree, even though I started off at the very first Devil May Cry, I think it really picked up when 3 Hit. I absolutely love 3 everything about it. from Dante's fun-loving stupid Pizza eating attitude, to them having the mission number hidden in the cutscene.... not to mention him losing Vergil at the end brought a tear to my eye. Absolutely amazing series

457d ago
mindtwang457d ago

He's not wrong about the dice game.

Elda457d ago

DMC 4 was a back tracking bore.

WeAreLegion457d ago

Devil May Cry 3 is better than any game Kamiya has made. So, I don't think it's right for him to trash anything Itsuno does. I love Kamiya's stuff, but sit down.

JayRyu457d ago

I love DMC3 story wise but game play is second to Beyonetta

mindtwang457d ago

He complimented Devil May Cry 3, and didn't "trash" anything. Maybe you should sit down.

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