Gran Turismo Sport vs Gran Turismo 6 Graphics Comparison

Gran Turismo Sports has landed on the PlayStation 4 and we've already seen some graphics comparisons with Forza Motorsport 7 or Project CARS 2 . Now is the time for another material, this time examining the differences between GT Sport and the older GT 6 , which still looks awesome on Sony's last-gen console.

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UCForce359d ago

Yup, GT Sports is massive improvements from GT 6. The lighting, car model, draw distance and environment are top notch in GTS.

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Movefasta1993359d ago

They must have used witch craft to get gt5 and 6 tot look that good whilst having dynamic lighting at 60.Very impressive.

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Ju359d ago

Not even mention the resolution bump to 1800p

UKRsoldja358d ago

Yeah, but they aren't a locked 60. Some races drop to mid 30's..

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yeahokwhatever359d ago

The only comparison that matters.

tulholdren359d ago

Loving GT so Glad it's coming along great me and my friends are having a blast. GT and Driveclub still making us happy racing fans.

cyckiewicz359d ago

GTS vs Driveclub coming up next ;)

sprinterboy359d ago

Totally agree, really looking fwd to driveclub style gfx with all the cars and tracks with full sim though. Gts is great but I have to admit bring a little disappointed with lack of tracks, cars and proper weather. They should increase the numbers at the office imo

InMyOpinion359d ago

Great comparison. GT Sport looks better but they are both equally boring to play. So both winners in that category.

andrewsquall359d ago

I know right? Gran Turismo would be way more fun if it was just a Burnout game.

InMyOpinion357d ago

Or just make a proper driving sim that isn't stripped clean of content and that has cars that feel as if they have engines.

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