Remembering the Game Boy Micro

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Nintendo’s handheld legacy is second to none. From the very dawn of portable gaming the company has been there, delivering a constant stream of solid systems that are home to the best games you could possibly take on the go. From the simple but addicting Game & Watch titles all the way to the complex and advanced Nintendo 3DS games that we are enjoying today, Nintendo is the undisputed king of handheld gaming and each and every one of the 12 (12!) different portable systems they have released can easily be described as the best available handheld system of its era. But that doesn’t mean that each of these devices got an equal amount of time in the Sun and so for this article I wanted to give some time line the limelight to one of Nintendo’s shortest lived systems."

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TallonIV386d ago

I've wanted to get one of these for awhile now but the prices are ridiculous.

386d ago
Jurat386d ago

Same; I trawl ebay sometimes in the hope of finding a bargain, but I can never justify the prices.

FallenAngel1984386d ago

This was one of Nintendo's worst hardware revisions

ONESHOTV2386d ago

yes I had one back in my freshman year of high school I would hide it under my sleeves in the winter lol those days