Dragon Ball FighterZ Story Mode & Tournament Shown Off in New Screens

PSLS: "Even more Dragon Ball FighterZ screenshots have been released (earlier ones showed off Nappa and Ginyu gameplay), and they show off both the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ story mode and tournament. It looks like players will see a lot of familiar faces in the story mode, and there’ll be dialogue sequences."

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gangsta_red365d ago

I still cant believe Nappa and Ginyu are in the about a waste of space. And I read in the new Gameinformer that Teen Gohan is in the game. Another waste of space as only one Gohan was needed.

Movefasta1993364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

no they aren't a waste of space,some of the most iconic dbz moments include those 2.And it's a fighting game,as long as they are unique and fun to play with,then it should be fine.And look how awesome yamcha,krillin and android 16 play in this game.
'And I read in the new Gameinformer that Teen Gohan is in the game' lmao wtf???Teen gohan was one of the first characters they showed in the e3 trailer,clearly you don't give a damn about the game to begin with if you have a problem with TEEN GOHAN...

gangsta_red364d ago

They are a waste of space considering there are far better characters that could have been added to the roster.

I always figured this was the Teen Gohan

Since this is when he actually goes to high school as a teenager.

Eamon364d ago

Teen Gohan was announced right at the beginning.

I haven't read the new gameinformer, but perhaps you mean adult Gohan?

KwietStorm364d ago

Those are some pretty iconic "wastes of space."

guyman363d ago

Teen Gohan is a pivotal character in the series whether you like it or not

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mindtwang364d ago

I'm glad that Arc System Works are really going all out on this.

HexxedAvenger364d ago

Ginyu was a surprise.... im really interested in playing with him. Nappa can go in my bald man squad. Piccolo, Krillen and now Nappa. it was Tien..... but Nappa is a tank xD