How Nintendo Can Ride The Switch's Momentum Into 2018

Nintendo's 2018 plans are largely unknown. What can the company do to keep momentum going for their newest system on the market, the Switch?

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FallenAngel1984388d ago

Switch's online stops being free in 2018. Nintendo needs to make sure it's a quality service

Moonman388d ago

I think it will be because they are charging (a rather low price) for it. That should help the service be at least the best they have provided. This last update (4.0) kind of made me feel like Nintendo is listening and I think they will fix as many things as they can. Including online.

MVGeneral388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Nintendo only came to the 21st century so they can bring people back to the 20th century. With sub-par graphics, lackluster memory, poor performance, 32gb system, friend codes and online which needs another product to make it work.
"Nintendo: a switch to the past."

388d ago
Nivekki388d ago


For someone who hates Nintendo so much you sure do love talking about them. You talk more about Nintendo than fans of Nintendo. Some might say you're a bit of a sad obsessive. It's not healthy.

Prince_TFK388d ago (Edited 388d ago )


What is your beef with Nintendo man? Did they burn down your house or something? I always see you in every Nintendo articles saying negative things. I looked at your comment history and all of them are about Nintendo.

Your obsession with downplaying Nintendo is downright pathetic and unnerving man. Stop being so delirious.

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FallenAngel1984388d ago

Just because they're charging for it doesn't mean the service will automatically be superb. Nintendo has fallen behind in the online arena for the entire 21st century, so it's very unrealistic to believe they'll magically turn that completely around just because there's a subscription service.

If they were that serious with online then NS's current online wouldn't be so subpar. If it were a more quality service right now then it'd be more believable. Nintendo typically does one thing right in the online space while neglecting various other functionalities.

wonderfulmonkeyman388d ago

I can agree that they're slow and that it's not unfair to maintain a reasonable doubt regarding the speed they're likely to fix their online at, but I think it's a bit much to call it unrealistic, when considering how much is riding on the Switch.

Summons75388d ago

But the extra revenue stream can (and we all hope will) make it a better or even superb service over time. Obviously, it's not going to happen overnight but saying it will never happen is rather silly to think. Stability is the most important thing with online, right now they have great online stability with little to no connection issues outside of the average hiccups. The voice chat thing is an issue, I kinda doubt that will change but they could always add more features. The VC free game a month is going to be a great addition like it was for PS+ and XBL.

hanko14388d ago

they should already have this. why do they keep starting all over again? its stupid