Xbox One X Invites You to "Feel True Power" with Second Teaser Trailer

Microsoft released a second teaser trailer, inviting fans of the Xbox One X to "feel true power," showing gameplay and quite a bit of gasping.

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masterfox389d ago

man those are some awesome exclusives!................... ...oh wait!!!

chrisoadamson389d ago

It's not a new console pal. Enjoy your ps4 and I'll be enjoying PUBG in a few weeks ;) oh wait that's not on ps4 huh

JaguarEvolved389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

im playing pubg on a superior platform now and ive been playing it for a while now on my pc. its nice the newer and more expensive xbox will have marginally more power than the ps4. have people seen the massive amounts of AAA exclusive games coming out for the ps4 next year? at least the xbox will display games with minor upgrades over the ps4 but the pc will always have the superior version

NoPeace_Walker389d ago

"the xbox will display games with minor upgrades over the ps4"

Looks pretty major here.

Kribwalker389d ago

damn man, i made soup the other day that looked like the picture on the right......the differences are definitely not minimal

BigWan78389d ago


U can try to downplay it all u want, but the difference between 1X & 4Pro isnt a jump over a puddle... its a jump over an ocean...

Atticus_finch389d ago

I agree with @jag.
Hey @Nopeace what is the magnification on that image? 400x?
"Major" Yea okay.

343_Guilty_Spark389d ago

PUBG is the same on XBX as it is on pc...probably better community too on console...don’t have to deal with hackers and crap

bluefox755389d ago

@Jaguar This is exactly it. PS4 brings the games, PC brings the quality. No reason to bother with Xbox.

thekhurg389d ago


Do you have a comparison of graphics when a small section of the screen hasn't been magnified by 500%? Typically, people don't play video games in that manner. Some might though I guess. Seems like it would be hard to do but whatever creates a challenge, right?

BiggerBoss389d ago

Lol this guy acting like PUBG is an xbox exclusive, when everyone is just gonna keep playing on PC...

Where's Crackdown?😂

KickSpinFilter389d ago

But it will be eventually HAHAHAHAHAH

Skillz1215389d ago

yes I'll enjoy a system that has games...enjky your paper weight

JaguarEvolved389d ago

Lol, the fact that people have to zoom in a lot on a photo of ps4 games and Xbox one games means to me that there isn't a massive difference. If you really need a magnifying glass to notice the difference of these console games then get binoculars. I don't know why zooming in on these multiplatform games like shadow of war 2 should be a big deal when horizon zero dawn looks better graphically. Why aren't these multiplatform games displayed side by side on consoles ? Is it because majority of people won't notice any difference

DARK_WOLF389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

Jaguar thats what its like comparing ps4 to xb1. Small resolution differences you have to zoom in to really see and you lot said it was a huge deal.

This time its massive graphical differences + 4k textures and 2x or more pixels on screen and your saying people wont notice and not a big difference???

Bahahahahahahahaha 😂😂😂


Vasto388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Damn, take it easy on them brah!

Kribwalker388d ago

it’s quite funny but Digital Foundry said it best. No need for a photo

“Shadow of War offers a dramatic improvement in quality: for example, ground textures get a clear resolution bump from the soup-like results on Pro, offering a sharper, clearer presentation.”

388d ago
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B1uBurneR389d ago Show
Vasto388d ago

They are drooling over the X.

BeRealisticNow389d ago

I can tell you put a lot of thought into making an original comment

Black0ut389d ago


Do you feel better with that fanboy negativity off your chest? lol it's quite sad that you enter these threads just to troll.

Your bridge awaits.

Skillz1215389d ago

lmao people,really believe this,console has exclusive games!!!!! lmao🤣 ms really brainwashed it's fanboys

shiva1388d ago

Bro. Tell me honestly, exactly why are you here in this article? Your reply should not sound brainwashing.....

spreadlove388d ago

It's awesomeness of being best version on Xbox One X is exclusive!

It lacks soup like results though.

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-Foxtrot389d ago

Could just put an entire packet of Airwaves in your mouth...that'll take your head off and it's cheaper

KionicWarlord222389d ago

The Beast from the West has come to feast.

Just the start of the banquet that is coming.

A trolley of delights!

Atticus_finch389d ago

Can't miss out on a chance to give Microsoft another $500.
We all know Phil will want another raise soon enough.

KionicWarlord222389d ago

Miss out a chance? Phil a raise?

DA X is one of the best price to performance consoles being release this year.

There is literally no negatives anyone can throw at it next to any system.

You acting like DA X is a door stopper.

yomfweeee389d ago

@kionic.... no negatives? Except where it matters most... games and the lack of them.

itsmebryan388d ago

It's still $100 cheaper than the PS3 when it was released over 10 yrs ago that make the X1X a bargain.😉

BiggerBoss389d ago

So $500 for OG xb1, $400 for One S, and now $500 again for Scorpio, PLUS those Xbox live gold fees, and not many exclusives to show for it.

I don't know, you guys should probably just invest in a PC...

KionicWarlord222389d ago

Your comparing the entire Xbox One family in terms of added cost?

There competition has had a Ps4, Ps4 slim and a Ps4 pro.

What are we talking about here?


Black0ut389d ago


Right. Then you gotta add up the cost of all the components to match the specs (have fun matching the price with the specs of the X), and then the cost of the OS, other 3rd part software and THEN the hassle of updates and things going wrong.

Consoles will always have a high place due to plug and play. No fuss. No hassle and far cheaper than PC builds.

sk8ofmnd389d ago

Kionic is forgetting that the base ps4 slim didnt become obsolete when the pro launched like the xb1s will when the x arrives

Skillz1215389d ago

exactly it really makes no.sense to get one...blame ms for making the Xbox irrelevant. Power? there really banking on only power?tell that to the switch the ps2 the ps1 and the Wii that decimated everything in has never won a console generation and don't say the 360 won it lost even with a year head start...ya can try to pretend your system has great exclusives we all no it's a lie just like the cloud dx12 and always online. I don't want the Xbox one x to fail but it will and that's to ms own Discretion

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2cents388d ago

5 comments and counting...
Insecure much?

Doesn't matter how much you try, X is gong to pi$$ all over your parade. Close your mouth or you might get a mouthful.

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