If Nintendo Switch is going to be a home for indies, the games need to be better than Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is as wonderful as ever on Switch, but it's not the portable pastoral paradise it should be.

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FloydianAndroid389d ago

Stardew Valley is a terrific game actually so I didn’t get past the title of the article.

Soulst0rmer389d ago

I know. Also Golf Story is such an adorable game. This website was also the ones who lied and called Colin Moriarty a racist and tried to ruin him.

Eonjay389d ago

I think he is trying to say that the quality of the port is lacking but the title is misleading.

The 10th Rider389d ago

Yeah, I'm not reading the article because that's clickbaity as f***, but I know the Stardew Valley port has some weird decisions in regards to how it plays. That's likely what they're referring too. However that's kind of an anomaly, most indies on consoles control perfectly fine.

Ikenda389d ago

The title is moronicly misleading that's for sure. And so is that the port is lacking. Because is not. I have found no difference in between ps4, pc, and switch.

The 10th Rider389d ago


A lot of the Switch communities I've been around I've seen some people complain about the controls and such. I haven't purchased the game yet so I can't attest to it, but things like that combined with the lack of touch screen support hamper the experience. That might be what Eonjay is referring to. I think the other console versions control the same way though so it's not like the Switch port got shafted in any way.

EddieNX 389d ago

It's one of the best Indie games out. Silly title.

Sm00thNinja389d ago

Starred Valley on switch has some atrocious load times in comparison to Xbox and PlayStation when I go to sleep.

michellelynn0976389d ago

I have not witnessed big load times on it.

Sm00thNinja389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

You've never played it on PS4 or Xbox and neither have the other disagrees. The load times for going to sleep are double what they are on PS4 and Xbox. I've bought Stardew Valley 3 times. It's not a slight on the Nintendo Switch console. It seems like it's patchable.

But I'd go as far as saying the load times are immersion breaking. 20 to 30 sec every time I sleep as opposed to 4 to 5 on Xbox and Playstation

mamotte389d ago

Stardew Valley on Switch is 100% more portable in comparison to Xbox and Playstation. Meaning you wait a little more while it loads, but you don't have to wait at all to play it while you're not at home. I prefer to wait some seconds, instead of some hours.

Sm00thNinja389d ago

Thats a good way to look at it i guess. It seems patchable so I hope this grievance is fixed, but you're absolutely right. I'd still take Starred Valley on Switch over the Xbox and PS4 versions

Ikenda389d ago

Dude is a handheld what do you expect, to be as fast or faster from home consoles? Why does everybody forgets that Switch is a handheld that connects to a tv?

Sm00thNinja389d ago

I wouldn't say that's the reason load times are long. Seems patchable to me. The game has been out less than a month on Switch

stupidusername388d ago

Stop making excuses. Breath of The Wild had way less loading and you didn't have to wait over 10 secs when it happened. Stardew Valley had longer loading times, it's a much smaller game. There is less going on and it is far from as graphically advanced but still it has longer load times.
I would be very surprised if it couldn't be patched.

Sm00thNinja388d ago

@stupidusername hopefully it's patchable the load times are seriously too damn long

Ikenda388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

It maybe a small difference and probably fixable but it doesn't degrade the game to excuse the existence of such an article. Don't forget that the message says "this may take a long time" so the devs are upfront about it. So stop nagging about every second or move to a third world country for a while with no luxuries to learn to appreciate honesty and "having stuff" like that. As Vita owner i also can say that every single game that's on Vita and ps4 has longer load times on the Vita small or not. You know why? Because is a severely underpowered handheld. Switch is far better then Vita but also far worse the ps4.

stupidusername388d ago

I fully agree with you, it's no biggie and I don't agree with the article at all. The only thing I disagreed with was your reason for the loading times: "Dude is a handeld what do you expect" " Why does everybody forget the Switch is a handeld that connects to a tv?"

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Bimkoblerutso389d ago

Seems like an unneeded potshot at Stardew Valley, to be honest.

Also, I'm not whitelisting this website to read this article. I've gotten malware from far too many otherwise reputable sites after whitelisting. So I'm sorry, either start running some ads you know are safe or here's to hoping you just go under, harsh as that sounds.

Tross389d ago

Indie games better than the best successor to Back to Nature that all future Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games failed to be? Keep dreaming.

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