How to End Loot Boxes Once and For All According to Developers

On a follow-up to the news piece regarding the latest interview set by Gamesindustry. Game developers talked about the rising costs of the games according to technology. Afterwards, some other developers decided to speak up and talk about how the Loot Box system can stop being implemented.

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XiNatsuDragnel1985d ago

One thing just remove them or consumers will remove themselves from the equation. See it's simple.

Antnee5341985d ago

They won't remove them because it makes them money. Though they should be removed from all games cause it's a form of gambling and on mobile games it's targeted towards kids who don't know any better

opinionated1984d ago

Exactly. And we can’t forget to tax violent games that targets kids and turns them into serial killers.

Princess_Pilfer1984d ago

There is no stastical link between video games and violence.

There *is* a historical precident and well understood phychological mechanisms for people getting hooked on gambling. Fundamentally different things.

opinionated1984d ago


Loot boxes dont turn people into gambling addicts anymore than violent games turn people into killers.

Can you show me any well documented studies that show kids being turned into gambling addicts from loot boxes? No? It’s not so different then imo.

Goldby1984d ago


Not only would that study be difficult to find, it is also a "new" mechanic put into gaming which means the statistics wouldn't be as accurate. But gambling on its own can be viewed to see the addictive traits form in the user. And that's how it needs to be viewed, as gambling. Not as a new mechanic in video games.

You look at any stats on gambling from a younger age and you will see the stats say that it increases the likelihood of addicted gamblers

opinionated1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


Well there hasn’t been enough time to see what impact video games have on these serial killers. Give it some time, we can connect a dot or two somewhere down the line if we try hard enough.

Loot boxes are not a new mechanic lol. Random loot has been around for a century dude, giving another way to buy crates without earning them is not a “new mechanic”. Random loot does not equate gambling in any sense of the word. You are paying for a product. The product might not be what you want but it’s yours nonetheless. You are not gambling with your money under any legal definition. You will never get less or more money for a loot box.

Remember those gumball machines that give you random prizes for a quarter or whatever? Remember a Cracker Jack box? A pack of Pokémon cards? What’s the difference? It’s digital and “in game form”! Why would that study be any different? There is no difference dude. You would sound just as ridiculous in saying that buying crackerjacks for the prize is addictive gambling and preying on kids with suggestive advertising. You sound like the Christian Right attacking violent games with ridiculous strawmen.

You have no real reason or data to classify loot boxes as gambling or to suggest gambling is any more addictive than any other vice like fast food or video games themselves. You want to classify it because you hate loot boxes and want them down. I’m fine with that, hate all you want. I hate them too. Just don’t make up bullshit because you think it sounds good or justifiable. No disrespect.

nitus101984d ago


As for information related to child gambling due to loot-boxes how about putting the following into Google "loot boxes and child gambling". You will get about 500,000 hits although you will get more if you remove the "and".

Of course, you could use the following search "gambling addiction statistics 2017" and you will get about 4 million hits but an interesting site does explain this in more detail Yes I know a gambling site explaining gambling addiction who whould have thought.

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TankCrossing1984d ago

Simple, but not something that's actually happening.

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shinrock1984d ago

But aren't you worried about it's replacement?

Grap1984d ago

"Developers have retirement to save for and families to feed"
gotta feed the families lol.

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Gamist2dot01985d ago

We know we should vote with our wallets, but what happens when the developer makes the game super hard midway into the game and pushes players to pay for random items that might ease their experience through the level, or else grind for hrs? You can't return the game because you already put hrs into it (probably trade but unnecessary). "But consumers should read reviews before they buy." What happens when the reviewers receive a "reviewer copy" of the game where the game is easier and doesn't have loot boxes?

343_Guilty_Spark1984d ago

What examples do you have of this?

ccgr1984d ago

As a reviewer I play the game at the same difficulty as the target audience. If we are given in-game currency we disclose that.

yomfweeee1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

He has none. More hater talk. Just making up stuff.

Rebel_Scum1984d ago

"But consumers should read reviews before they buy." What happens when the reviewers receive a "reviewer copy" of the game where the game is easier and doesn't have loot boxes? "

It's not uncommon for online features in SP games to not be available for reviewers. That doesn't mean that MT's aren't visible to the reviewer either.

Deathpreacher1984d ago

its all going to come down to piracy so them greedy basters soon will learn

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Rebel_Scum1984d ago

Good solution man, just put them all out of business ay. Such progressive thinking.

DillyDilly1984d ago

Don't buy the games with Loot Boxes seems like the most logical thing to send a message

Rebel_Scum1984d ago

That works. But if it's a SP game you can buy the game and not the loot boxes/MT's and you'd be sending the same message. They measure sales data metrics on everything.

UletheVee311984d ago

And that's what I did, do you see a Battlefront II review? Do you see a Shadow of War review? No? That's because I literally didn't buy into it. Even if I was provided with review copies I would've low scored it for the MTs

Many-hat51982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Ditto. Now we just need a couple of a million others to join our ranks to save video gaming as we know it. :)

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