Which Nintendo Console Is The Best? - Zero Interruptions: Ep 1

On our debut episode of Zero Interruptions, Justin, Frank, and Dave argue their cases for which Nintendo Console is the best.

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darthv72360d ago

I was always quite partial to the gamecube. Ever since playing Rogue Squadron 2 at a kiosk in a Kay-B toys. Damn shame the Wii version of Rogue Leaders was canceled.

xPaYDaYx360d ago

I have so many great memories of playing my cube with my friends. I always loved the controller design too. It had quite the varied library too, from M-rated Resident Evil to E-rated Mario Party. I remember putting countless hours into the 4 player Zelda game and playing the hell out of SSX Tricky lol.

Sono421360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Really not a fan of the last guy's logic, says Nintendo means business with the Switch because they released the console with Zelda... you mean the Zelda they delayed specifically for the launch just like with TP and the Wii? That doesn't mean anything, then brags about how they followed it up with MK? It's a port that they simply ported because it didn't sell as well as they wanted on the Wii U.. If he wanted to show Nintendo means business he should mention Metroid Prime 4, Kirby for Switch, and last but certainly not least, Pokemon for Switch. The Switch could certainly beat the Gamecube no doubt, but it would be dumb to choose the Switch on possibility alone. I do think Odyssey will be the best Mario game to date, but I don't actually know that yet, not untilI play it. I would be really excited for a new Pokemon on Switch but the new Pokemon games are just going downhill. Sun and Moon telling you whether your move will be super effective or not very effective before even choosing it was the last straw for me, at that point the game might as well play itself, it's already super easy then you throw that into the mix and you're just wasting your time playing it. Then they made it so you can ALWAYS remove any status effects your pokemon have after every battle.. just pathetic. These two features drastically change the game for the worst, its becoming less and less about the core game, (battling) and more and more about these silly mini games they throw in there, I could maybe excuse this if they at least stepped up the plot a little bit, but nope, that also in on the steep decline. Just sad what they are doing to the series. There was a time when I would buy every game that Nintendo put out and I would have no doubt it would be an amazing next step for that series! But not anymore, they ruined Paper Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda (I know that's not a popular opinion but BotW offers no real reward and is riddled with terrible/underutilized/poorly laid out mechanics) and actually if it wasn't for Mario Odyssey I would be saying the same thing about mario, with the same bland Super Mario series they keep putting out, and the terrible Super Mario 3D World, but luckily Nintendo pulled through and showed they still care about Mario with Odyssey, now PLEASE do the same with Pokemon, Paper Mario, and Metroid Prime.

Sono421360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

I'm gonna have to say Gamecube as well, i think that's when Nintendo really hit their stride. The N64 had an unfair advantage of being their first console to truly do 3D, so that automatically makes it stand out to everyone around at the time. So Nintendo would have to truly do great with their next console to make it stand out, and they did. The Gamecube had an amazing controller, still one of my favorites to this day, the N64 controller on the other hand... terrible. Then the unique games Nintendo released on the Gamecube were great! Luig's Mansion, Metroid Prime, Kirby air Ride, Pikmin, Pokemon Colosseum/XD and Mario strikers. All truly amazing underappreciated games! Then you have some of the best entries in series on the Gamecube with Mario Sunshine, MK Double Dash, Paper Mario TTYD, Super Smash bros melee, and LoZ:TP (Which if you ask me is still the best Zelda to date.. yes even better then breath of the wild) and yes I know it released on the Wii too, but that's the same case as BotW, Simply delayed to be a launch game for their new console. Now i know there are some people who love Windwaker so I should at least mention it, but I did like Ocarina of time more then windwaker and TP so to me it doesn't stand out too much but is still another great game to add to the gamecube catelog. Another game I know people like but I never really got into was LoZ:Four Swords. Didn't really enjoy it myself but I know other people did so I thought I should mention it. The Gamecube was overall just a well put together system with a uunique design, amazing controller and amazing games.

NiteX360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

Guess my fondest memories would be of the 64, so it sticks out as the best one for me. I do have lots of memories of the NES and SNES as well, but I guess I was a bit younger so they stick out less. Also the first time seeing a 3D game like SM64 was just revolutionary, it blew my young mind away.

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Moonman360d ago

I love Nintendo. Can't choose.

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