Mario Can Wear Peach's Wedding Dress in Mario Odyssey

You can unlock the outfit in-game, or with the new Wedding Peach Amiibo.

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390d ago

Why would Mario do that tho? Hmmm....

PolishWingedHussar390d ago

I'm guessing for nefarious reasons lol

Eonjay390d ago

To trigger people of course lol!

Auron389d ago

So he can read transgender stories to little kids at public libraries in California

wonderfulmonkeyman389d ago

If it's following the rest of the game, there is probably at least one area in which lies a challenge that won't open for you unless you're wearing a particular outfit.
There's one in the Desert Kingdom where if you aren't wearing the poncho and mexian straw hat combo, the guard at the door won't let you in.

I imagine this wedding dress will serve a similar function at some point.


Thanks for the clarification bud.

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Gh05t390d ago

Cool, i guess, I am confused why this one outfit needs its own article, why isnt this an article on all the outfits. Am I supposed to have strong feelings about the option of Mario running around in a dress, BFD! Next.

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The story is too old to be commented.