Sony: Planet of the Apes and PlayLink will help us reach non-gamers

Platform holder expects recognisable IP to play a big role in selling PlayStations to the masses.

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isarai361d ago

Y'know, everyone is sleeping on this, but i think it has the potential to blow up big time. like if everyone just started making these interactive story games like this where all you need to do is boot it up and everyone votes with their phone what choices to make. sounds absurdly accessible and very fun for a simple party/get together.

GamesMaster1982360d ago

No it's a fad like 3D and the soon the be VR.

DeadSilence360d ago

Your é living in a bubble, VR ain't going anywhere.

StormSnooper360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

VR is only going to get bigger and bigger from here on out.

Off Topic: by the way, for those with PSVR, there is a new game called Megaton: Rainfall. Its getting great reviews in VR gameplay. Apparently it was created by a single person but it blows minds. You play as a superhero, and the reviews are saying that its the "best" superhero game of all time because of the fact that its in VR and you really feel like you are a superhero.

generic-user-name360d ago

Wanting something to be a fad, won't make it a fad.

GamesMaster1982360d ago

Look i don't give a shit either way if it becomes a fad or not. In my opinion to me it is a fad and not worth it. that's why i sold the piece of shit while i could still make back some money back on it. There is only a hand full of decent games worth playing on it. The rest are pixelated tech trash.

G20WLY360d ago

^well, in my opinion, you're full of shit 😂

GamesMaster1982360d ago (Edited 360d ago )

And in my opinion you are a tool.

G20WLY360d ago

I'm so hurt right now lmfao

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MegamanXXX360d ago

Hidden Agenda is also trying to do the same thing with playlink

ocelot07360d ago

I have this pre ordered only £13 I suppose it's worth ago. Actually quiet excited to play it next week.

gangsta_red360d ago

So Sony wants to appeal to more casual and non gamers... interesting.

andrewsquall360d ago

Like they did with Singstar and Buzz back in 2003 and it worked then too.

gangsta_red360d ago

Yes, Buzz and Singstar are definitely talked about til this day....

andrewsquall360d ago

That could be true. My dad who is just over 60 is a HUGE Planet of the Apes fan and he certainly ain't no gamer. Apparently there was a show years ago.