Nintendo Switch Holiday Line-Up is Killing its Competition with Nearly One Game

The Nintendo Switch holiday line-up is impressive. For the first time in several years, Nintendo is ready to be the top dog in the gaming industry.

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DirtyPete390d ago

With PS4 and Xbox One taking a break this holiday its no surprise that Nintendo only needs one big game to get people hyped. Lucky for Nintendo fans there is more than just Mario odyssey coming but that is the big ticket seller.

shloobmm3389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

I am pretty excited bout my Switch and am excited for Mario and Xenoblade however to assume Nintendo will win is absurd. It's best exclusive will be blown away sales wise by the massive AAA third party games that are launching that will never see the sysyem

michellelynn0976388d ago

If they can win September with no huge releases, Mario and Xenoblade will have no trouble lifting it past the sup bar line up Microsoft and Sony are spitting out.

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bouzebbal388d ago

They might be great games but it's no different from wiiu in terms of games. Mario, xenoblade..
We need fresh things, not same old stuff.

wonderfulmonkeyman388d ago

"Blown away" is a massive exaggeration.
Nothing third parties are releasing is going to make Nintendo's games any less grand. There are going to be plenty of great games from third parties, sure, but none of them will make Odyssey or BotW or Xenoblade 2 look like crappy games, which is what would be needed in order to "blow them away".

Nintendo's games aren't crap, and they aren't going to be erased from popularity at the drop of a hat like that.XD
At the very ["worst"], Nintendo's first party will stand toe to toe with others in the coming years.

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MegamanXXX388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

Wait Xbox one took a break mostly all year the only AAA game I remember is Halo Wars 2. I'm excited for Nintendo Switch though and looking forward to Mario Odyssey

NoPeace_Walker388d ago

The Holiday belongs to Nintendo with Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade X2. I would give Xbox's holiday lineup second place though with FM7, Cuphead, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, and the better third party AAA game console ports with the addition of the XB1X.

davand114388d ago

I don't think Sony is taking the holiday off, it looks like they are going with a top heavy yearly release strategy and Microsoft has mostly taken the last couple years off.

Seraphim388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

taking a Break this Holiday season? It seems more and more games are slated for Feb-April instead of the Holidays. This has been a continuing trend for several years or longer now. It's as if they've said let CoD, Destiny, Madden, AC (w/ the exception of last year) take the Holidays. Or a combination of plus we don't want our games going on sale dirt cheap Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc. Granted there are some exceptions and some new IPs or series who see a release between Sep-Nov but for the most part, we just don't see an abundance of games releasing in this window like we use to. Perhaps it's just coincidence and is due to development but that's a bit reaching imho.

It would be nice to see more games coming in the Fall/Holidays because it has been getting incredibly stale for a while now. It's almost as I continue to go back to Destiny by default, due to lack of competition. This Fall/Holiday window is reserved for your typical annual franchises and little to nothing else. Mario is definitely a savior this October. After that Xenoblade 2 if you're into RPGs. At least for those who own a Switch and/or secondary console as well. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some other games there but it's no longer like years passed where this season is the season. That season has been primarily moved to Winter/Spring now it seems.

Tazzy388d ago

I think Xbox is relying on Xbox One X to make them beat the competition this holiday season which won't happen.

Apex13388d ago

What a load of crap. This is business not seasonal business.

Jaqen_Hghar388d ago

Just because Sony isn’t releasing games DURING the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t buy their games that have come out all year like horizon. A man counts all the games as selling points plus they’re cheaper if you’re just getting them now

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Tazzy388d ago

Its not hype its a fact that its a great game and its getting great reviews I don't think Forza 7 or GT SPORT will be able to compete with it.

G3ng4r388d ago

^ You'll fit right in.

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PhoenixUp389d ago

No single Switch game is going to make my PS3 & PS4 lineup irrelevant.

Erik7357389d ago

Already did with it's doing it twice with Mario. Both higher rated than anything Sony has made in years

DeadSilence389d ago

Let's ignore little big planet uncharted 2 Last of Us Bloodborne or Horizon anyway lol

YodaCracker388d ago


BOTW is higher rated than all of those games...

Razzer388d ago

And? The PS4 library is still the best gaming library among consoles. I mean if you are only going to play 2 games all year then maybe you would have a point. I enjoy Switch immensely but I’m sure not giving up all those PS4 games for just Zelda and Mario.

generic-user-name388d ago

Uncharted 4 has outsold every single Zelda bar Twilight Princess (which released on 2 platforms, like BotW), and U4 isn't even PS4s best game. Nothing the Switch can do will make any other platform irrelevant.

bluefox755388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

What if I don't like Zelda or Mario? Should I get them anyway just because a few game journos get nostalgic googly eyes when they see a Nintendo IP? Can't imagine buying a $300 piece of hardware for 2 games.

SurgicalMenace388d ago

Uuum if he is still playing his lineup what the hell does Zelda or Mario have to do with it? Listen only broke people fued over something as trite as video game console, because us that can afford them all don't care we are unrestricted to choose. With that said, reviews or not, I've never liked Mario, even as a kid not changing today. I played Ninja Gaiden, Karnov, and Rygar on my original Nintendo at 7 years old, so that same gamer exists.

While you're trying to express a point of how great Nintendo is while downplaying a company that has more success than your family legacy is moot at best. Sony is a GREAT company no matter what you feel about them, they have 60+ million supporters to vouch for them, that's fact. Your over valued opinion on an N4G forum will not change that.

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PhoenixUp389d ago (Edited 389d ago )

That's good for you, but my PS3 & PS4 have had a wealth of titles for me to enjoy, especially when those titles get discounted.

No single game no matter how great can make another platform's entire library insignificant.

michellelynn0976388d ago

Have you seen the Switcb's library? It is not one game. But, if you like Sony's better, have fun.

PhoenixUp388d ago

I have seen Switch's library and it still doesn't make other systems' libraries irrelevant

zb1ftw777389d ago

Quality not quantity my friend.

1 Great game alone destroys a million average games.

DeadSilence389d ago

Playstation has tremendous quality software, it also has alot of trash just like any other platform.

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EddieNX 388d ago

Whiteblue it's a fantastic, beautiful meticulous game and totaly deserved of its 97 score.

Travis3708388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

You can keep that overrated POS. Have fun playing one game for the rest of this generation.

Chevalier388d ago

Sony has quality and quantity. Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Nioh, Nier Automata, Uncharted Lost Legacy to name a few. Lots of game of the year candidates too. The Switch also has plenty of ports and average games too so lets stop pretending they are all so amazing.

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NoPeace_Walker388d ago

Mario Odyssey alone this Fall already guaranteed Nintendo will dominate. There is nothing anyone can do as that game is like the Star Wars of videogame.

Theknightofnights388d ago (Edited 388d ago )

In my opinion, no amount of games can make the current games you enjoy or look forward to "irrelevant" as a whole. Certainly not one single game. That doesn't mean we can't gauge which games are the most anticipated or highest potential selling though.

wonderfulmonkeyman388d ago

I agree with that, but there's no point in saying the Switch isn't competing anymore.
Especially when it was predicted to die out 6 months in, and we're past that point while still seeing sales and demand increase.
Whether Nintendo can keep it up through year 2 and beyond is a different and entirely valid debate altogether, but at this point, it's pretty safe to say that this Holiday belongs to Nintendo for the most part. [which is [>NOT<] the same as saying that others are irrelevant]

Tazzy388d ago

The article says its clearly killing the competition with one single game it don't say its going to make your PS3 or PS4 irrelevant.

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