Middle-earth: Shadow of War Review (PS4 Pro) - Pixelated Gamer

As impressive as Shadow of Mordor was, its sequel shows up with improvements across the board. Monolith Productions has implemented more interesting locations, an advanced Nemesis system, epic assaults and some of the best action sequences seen this year on any platform.

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ContraCode366d ago

The game looks great. I'm waiting though to pick this up after the Xbox One X releases. The DF analysis showed a pretty big difference in performance compared to the Pro and it wasn't even final code.

BootHammer366d ago

I did see that and I'm interested to seeing how the final code compares. It still looks really good on the PS4 Pro, but it no doubt has an edge on the XB1X. Fantastic game on all platforms =)

UnHoly_One365d ago

I couldn't wait for the X1X, I'm playing it already.

It's ridiculously good.

Pr0xi365d ago

I wasn't sure if I wanted to grab it because of the mixed reviews but I just might now.