Iron Harvest Dev Not Aiming For PS4 Pro & Xbox One X Parity, Better Hardware Will Get Better Version

King Art Games however notes it won't "write specific code for any of the platforms".

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Bigpappy2457d ago

So much for having to cater to the largest install base above all else. I guess this throws all that kind of talk about the window

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LP-Eleven2457d ago

For this dev, surely. Who said every dev would adhere to the higher install base?

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LP-Eleven2456d ago

@ G-haul: Really? I've seen sporadic examples of this. Never mind if you even know if they are "Sony fans" or not.

jlove4life2457d ago

Lmao ok indie devs are the gospel for how 3rd party games will go on larger install base big pappy u played yourself

BeRealisticNow2457d ago

Reasonably wouldn’t an indie dev be less likely to support Pro or 1X? They have less time, money, and resources.

DrumBeat2456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

It's starting to get under your skin isn't it? Watching the cases pile on. It started with Mordor, and can you believe it? This is going to be the case for every PS4 Pro/Xbox One X comparison!

I know this hurts.

Seriously when I picture Sony fanboys now, I picture toddlers getting their booster shots. Red faced, dripping with tears, (maybe a little snot) and squealing in fear. They absolutely can't stand what is transpiring before their eyes.

chuckyj12456d ago (Edited 2456d ago )

Only an indie? Look at all the 100+ games already to receive Xbox One X enhancements... I don't think it's only this one indie developer... Are those well over 100+ games indie based games? Here is a link to games receving updates to take advantage of X1X power. Heck of a lot more than just indie games on that list.

Realms2456d ago


That is funny as hell and you xboners do love revising history if MS hadn't gotten their asses handed to them would they have waited a whole year just to have slightly better specs for a whole generational leap over the xbox one. I swear some of you MS lost deal with that. Even if you want to brag about better specs that won't last long considering the consoles will no longer take years in RD. Sony has already said the PS5 is coming expect it no later than 2020, so you get to brag for a couple of years yet MS can't be bother to actually make the most important aspect of a consoles identity GAMES.

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xX-oldboy-Xx2457d ago

what about the poor little Xbox one? Only the Switch has less grunt under the hood.

jlove4life2456d ago

@chucky cute list now come back and kiss the ring [red ring 4 u xbots ] when you its not native its a reason native 4k not splashed across

psyxon2457d ago

Say that when we see how many people buy the game.

andrewsquall2457d ago

How? So the standard PS4 version will obviously be better than standard Xbone version then, if this dev keeps to their word of course.

DrumBeat2456d ago

What base PS4 game isn't better than its base Xbox One counterpart? The PS4 (base) versions of games have been better for years? Why would that stop now? You're acting like this hasn't been a thing since 2013.

OffRoadKing2456d ago

"KING Art Games is a German video game developer. The company is responsible for creating the point-and-click adventure The Book of Unwritten Tales"

So much for thinking this developer matters.

leeeroythe3rd2456d ago

Wait pacifying a group of people that are in the popular group by preventing a more capable device from performing better... so should we artificially restrict the horsepower of a corvette bc a ford mustang can't compete? Are you a socialist moron or something? geez fanboys don't want x1x bc of the library of games sony offers and that is great... i love those games too. Desiring restriction from developers to keep a marketing edge is just pathetic example of how fanboys fail to give a crap about gaming and care more about a corporation

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TheUndertaker852457d ago

"So, yes, if a system is more powerful it’ll get the better version of the game, but we’re probably not going to write specific code for any of the platforms.”

Am I the only person who takes probably as not a definitive no? Probably does hold context.

Shineon2457d ago

Nice to know strengths of both consoles will be utilized

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