Why the Switch will win the battle for the UK holiday gaming market

We explain why we believe the Switch will outsell both the PS4 and the Xbox One in the UK in Q4 2017.

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Theknightofnights413d ago

I don't know. Europe is pretty much Sony's market, and I don't really expect that changing this holiday. I can see the Switch outselling the other consoles in America and Japan though.

MVGeneral413d ago

This article is just one of the many Nintendo propaganda being spread. See how most of them are opinion and just speculation. And a lot of articles are just smoke and mirrors.
Like the article about Nintendo consoles sell more than ps4 and Xbox combined. They meant switch, ds, and snes classic combined. But it was worded just to seem like it's switch.
Or the comparison of same time sales from last year of the ps4 vs switch. Why not ps4 vs switch same lifetime sales as in the first few months. Why from last year when it's 4 years into the ps4s cycle. It was worded to seem like it's outpacing. But in reality it's not.

Prince_TFK413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

But this year the Switch outsold the PS4 for 5 months out of its 7 months on the market. So isn’t that mean it is “outpacing” the PS4? You can’t call most articles about the Switch smoke and mirrors when espcially they have the numbers to back up what they claim.

And let me show you the headline of the article that you convinently criticize: “September 2017 NPD: Switch #1, Nintendo systems claim two-thirds of gaming hardware sales”. Notice it says “systems” instead of “system”? How specific do you want a headline to be? How long will that headline be then?

If you hate that the Switch is selling so much now, just wait until Mario Odyssey hit and the sale is gonna be even crazier.

413d ago
PapaBop413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

UK in the past has been slightly different than most of Europe, for example last gen Xbox 360 was arguably the more popular console here. That being said though, Switch won't dominate over here, you've been able to walk into a shop and just buy one for months now.

XbladeTeddy413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

It won't. Casuals find it too expensive, like my girlfriend, who thinks it looks great but keeps wondering why a PS4 costs so much less when it has things like a Blu-ray player. She wanted to get one but got a PS4 instead because price and more features plus I got her hooked on Horizon and Uncharted.

DwightSchrute01413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Switch isn't aimed at the casuals like the Ps4 is that's why.
Switch is for the hardcore aka people who are serious about gaming.
Switch is solely a gaming machine made for pure gaming where as Ps4 is a blueray player that also allows you to watch cinematic type games which require little involvement, that's why the casuals and football mums are loving it as the games are easier.

MVGeneral413d ago

The switch is not for people serious about gaming. It's a toy for kids and old people. Look at the cartoon style graphics and simplistic gameplay design.
When the Nintendo die hards finish buying the console. No other same person will spend that much money on a inferior system. Not any smart person anyway.
THE only reason Wii sold well was because of its low price. But no serious gamer will ever take Nintendo seriously after wii. Just listen to the sound of "wii" lol. It's aimed at kids. Look at the games and simplistic and minimal options. Have fun with your toy.
The switch can't handle anything more serious. With it's lackluster graphics and it's low storage. Even simplistic games like botw suffer heavily with glitches.

Dark_Knightmare2413d ago

Nice fanboy fail there troll but gtho no one is interested in your delusions. Oh and if anything the switch is f**king as casual as it gets

Dark_Knightmare2413d ago

Down below you said Sony can't compete with Nintendo when it comes to exclusives so maybe you can explain to me why Sony has had the most highest rated games in the last twenty years compared to Nintendo who came in second according to a study done by metacritic. Go ahead I'll wait for your bullcrap delusional reply

DwightSchrute01413d ago

@darknightmare2 lol at Sony having the highest rated games. Here's the official link

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MVGeneral413d ago

My uncle and grandpa called me the other day to ask me what I thought of the switch for my nephew's and nieces. I directed them to the ps4. They budgeted 3 ps4's and 6 games to the price of just 2 switchs no games.
Good luck trying to sell a $400 console with $80 games (Canadian) to mass market appeal. The reason why the Wii sold well was it's price compared to ps3 and xbox360. Only fans will pay premium for the respective consoles. And the fan well is drying out soon.

DwightSchrute01413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

The same reasons you mentioned why the wii sold is the same reason the Ps4 is selling. Ps4 is this gens wii. And as far as names go, you can't get more kiddy than "play station"

Lol at you thinking serious gaming is to do with resolution. Lmao are you 10 years old or something. I guess south park is for kids aswell then due to its cartoony art style. How dumb do you sound.

No matter how much you hate Nintendo they are doing well right now and are selling better than the Ps4 and it's only going to get better the closer to Christmas we get and there's nothing you can do about it. I know it kills you inside to see nintendo doing so well but get over it.

Switch hasn't even been out a year and already has the highest rated game this gen and soon to have another. This is something sony couldn't do in 4 plus years as their games just can't compete with nintendos quality games.

When it comes to gaming, switch over Ps4.
When it comes to watching interactive movies with little involvement Ps4 over switch.

chris235413d ago

the switch is still a thing?

TallonIV413d ago

Are you still living under a rock?

MVGeneral412d ago

Only for Nintendo die hards. It's gonna burn out soon like the wiiu did. It hasn't sold more than the Wiiu yet. And all these Nintendo cultists are speaking like it's the next sliced bread.