Middle-earth: Shadow of War postmortem — Monolith’s Michael de Plater explains it all

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is one of the biggest games of the fall, and it made a big splash when it debuted on October 10 on consoles and PC.

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wraith9999365d ago

so full of shit

"whats the feedback been like?" "oh amazing, i love hearing everyones little stories about how they bonded to orcs and how much they love the nemesis system" lmao all i have heard is people rightfully complaining about how you guys turned a single-player rpg into a fucking MT-fest, done with this studio and didnt purchase a game ive been looking forward to for over a year now because of these stupid loot-crates

vote with your wallet people, only then will these greedy fucks bother opening their money-stuffed ears