Star Wars Battlefront II's Single Player Campaign Will Last 5-7 Hours

Earlier this week, I got to play through the earlier portions of Star Wars: Battlefront II’s single player campaign and speak to Motive’s studio producer David Robillard about the single player campaign specifically. As soon as the single player campaign was announced earlier this year, gamers were questioning the length.

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-Foxtrot389d ago

Really? That's the best they could do when they've made it a story of what happens after Return of the Jedi

I'm upset this will be canon now because it's such a wasted story. I would have rather seen a film which would be a spiritual successor to Rogue One, that film was set between 3 and 4 so I was hoping there would be another one set between 6 and 7. Now they will have to tip toe around this story.

Should have been a film.

HeWhoDabs710389d ago

Rouge One was trash we don't need another

bloop388d ago

I didn't mind Rogue One at all. It filled in a glaring plot hole from A New Hope so I wouldn't say it was thrash. Although I do think Disney could be making better use of the material. I couldn't care less about the Solo spin off. They have so much to work with and they decide to make a film about a young Han Solo??!! Why not make a movie about what Vader got up to during the great Jedi Purge instead?! There's so many better stories that could be told.

-Foxtrot388d ago

Rogue One was fantastic

It was better then the prequel trilogy and was better then the Force Awakens

Miss_Weeboo389d ago

Ha ha, I'm definitely not buying this

Bobafret389d ago

And a 15 minute speed run.

equal_youth389d ago

That is way too long, can i beat it faster with some Microtransactions? /s

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The story is too old to be commented.