Xbox One X Shadow of War shows profound improvements over PS4 Pro

Is it a true 4K on console? An initial look at this early Xbox One X build of Shadow of War shows it's shaping up nicely ahead of launch. Comparisons with PS4 Pro reveal it hitting higher resolutions,- and with vastly improved texture quality. Tom goes into more detail.

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NoPeace_Walker1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Just watched the video. WOW, the differences between the X and Pro are pretty massive. Graphics, texture quality, resolution are all closed to maxed PC settings on the X. Great work from the Shadow of War team.

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spreadlove1985d ago

This quote alone is hilarious:

"Through sheer capacity via Xbox One X's 12GB of GDDR5 memory, Shadow of War offers a dramatic improvement in quality: for example, ground textures get a clear resolution bump from the soup-like results on Pro, offering a sharper, clearer presentation."

They call the PS4 Pro soup-like results! lmao! XD

Kribwalker1985d ago

wow lmao, that’s an amazing quote

KingKionic 1985d ago

Jesus Digital Foundry laying dat work.

kevnb1985d ago

Digital foundry earning that Microsoft pay cheque :)

1985d ago
kevnb1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Sony isn’t the company known for paying bloggers, websites and even astroturfers without telling the public. Heck digital foundry was even posting hyperbolic videos about the Xbox one beating the ps4 by a few FPS in a few games, not to mention the super hyperbolic video trashing the ps4 performance in a few games because there were dips to 28 FPS. This is what Microsoft does,

Trekster_Gamer1985d ago

The new promotional quote for PlayStation Pro if you want soupy visuals get the pro if you want Fidelity get Xbox One X lol

darx1985d ago

Keep telling yourself that kevb.

4Sh0w1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )


-Do you know how transparent you sound? I mean at least be original, instead of using the same old tired "M$ paid them" line every time a site says something positive about Xbox.
Jeesh, that line has to even bore YOU at this point, especially when it's not even an opinion news piece, it's an analysis from a very respected site. lol, play a new record bro, preferably one you didn't buy at the SDF swap meet.

TankCrossing1985d ago

@Kevnb Sony are most definitely known for that. They got caught with their pants down when they set up fake blogs and videos praising the Vita in "street talk".

crazyCoconuts1985d ago

The differences are not big enough to warrant their commentary, even when you use their image magnifier. At least in my opinion...

Unspoken1984d ago

PS4 is good for soup, PS3 was great as the George Foreman grill.

RememberThe3571984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I swear all we'd need to do is switch "PlayStation" with "Xbox" and all you guys would sound the same. These comments are turning into an echo chamber.

Everyone around here is so damn triggered I'm about to get triggered by their triggers!

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Rude-ro1984d ago

The humor is, it took Microsoft 3 consoles to get to this gens gaming and you all act as if the Xbox one games with an x patch are a miracle.
Ignorance is bliss

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Zero_Suit_Samus1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )


“I buy a console for both. That’s why I own a PS4 and XBO. Best of both worlds.“

I disagree. PS4 Pro and Switch are better options. You can still play all 3rd party games while having the best exclusives in the industry.

Zeref1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Halo, Gears and Forza are also huge in the gaming industry.

The best option is to buy the ones that has the things YOU like.

I have a Gaming PC and Xbox(soon Xbox One X), Play Anywhere is great for me since i can play my Xbox games on my laptop or at my desk if i want to. And i like the Xbox exclusives.
I am getting a Switch soon too because I absolutely have to play Zelda and the next pokemon game.

PS4 exclusives never appealed to me, they all have that same cinematic style that the Last of Us started, even God of War has it now.

Kribwalker1985d ago

you won’t get the best exclusive racing or FPS games if you went that route. cutting two full genres out

darthv721985d ago

When the time comes, I will add a switch to my list. I dont like not having choices in what I want or where I want to play. Some may prefer to limit their scope to one or two platforms but to truly get the full plethora of what console gaming has to offer then you have to get them all.

Some may go the gaming PC route and that's great for them, I prefer consoles. Always have, always will. By my supporting gaming as a whole I know I will be able to play any Sony, MS or Nintendo title at my leisure.

gums0071984d ago

you sound like an idiot

zb1ftw7771984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Why did you get a ps4pro then?

The best exclusives are on the Switch. The best graphics on the xb1x.

Ps4pro has good graphics and good exclusives, but it is the best of neither.

Ceaser98573611984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


"PS4 exclusives never appealed to me, they all have that same cinematic style that the Last of Us started, even God of War has it now"

LMAO!! I mean your comment is a joke... you say you have a Gaming pc and yet you plan to buy the X and have a OG Xbox one such wastage much wow!.. and Xbox needs to work hard to make a game close to THE LAST OF US.. Come 2018 with God of War releasing you can hang around with your Xbox one X while i will be playing amazing games on my Pro...

Keep the dislikes coming....

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Trekster_Gamer1985d ago

I believe this will be the standard until the next generation of consoles actually arrive.
Xbox One X for all intentional purposes is next Generation compared to PS4 Pro and Xbox One the difference in-game quality. When the developers take advantage of what the Xbox One X has to offer will be Far and Away Superior to anything on Playstation currently.

SurgicalMenace1984d ago

3rd parties seldom develop any games that can match the graphical splendor of exclusive games, even on Nintendo consoles. You guys are killing me hyping up a system that is being treated the same as Sony treated the Vita, but there is no cause for alarm because it's MS. "We'll just let the 3rd parties, that are making exclusives for our competitor, make the games while we collect their money before departure. It really makes no sense that double standards that the industry practices. At least the Vita games are plentiful and exclusive, so that sales can be driven to it. I want to like my XB1, much like I liked the original system, but MS is not giving me an opportunity to. It would be great if you hardcore Xbox fans would demand that they made something new before buying yet another version of their system. What happened to the S unit?

DrumBeat1985d ago

Yep. When you get not only resolution differences, but texture differences as well, it makes you want to buy the Xbox One X version instead of the Pro version. I remember the arguments saying the Xbox One X wouldn't fare much better, but this is proof that it's substantially better than PS4 Pro.

SurgicalMenace1984d ago

Well I'll be expecting the sells numbers to support its superiority. This is just PS2 vs Xbox again. SMH All the same arguments then too.

MegamanXXX1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

It's a little to late for Microsoft. Maybe next generation. Hopefully they'll have more first party exclusives at launch

threefootwang1985d ago

How is it too late? This generation has barely even taken off.

MegamanXXX1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

And Microsoft still haven't develop any new first party studios this generation. They lost me when they decided to put more focus on third party support than first party support.

SurgicalMenace1984d ago

Dude, give it up. It's too late for MS, but they know that being the starved supporters that you are, they can release anything right now and all of you will eat it up to show you made the right choice. My prediction, last money grab, after the holidays announcing their departure from the industry. DO YOU REMEMBER THE ORIGINAL XBOX!?!?

Ceaser98573611984d ago

xbox has given up hopes on first party games.. You can see their project getting cancelled or studios getting shut down.. More will happen in future. So they are targeting Third party devs.. MS will TRY getting more timed exclusive deals and Marketing deals ( emphasis on the word TRY) to take on the Playstation.. Now all depends on how MS would execute this plan. So far with Play anywhere MS is earning from software sales since Hardware (xbox) didnt do much for MS.. People will disagree but who can deny the truth..

Obscure_Observer1984d ago


Too late? You better be ready to endure more 3-4 years of superior third party games on CONSOLE running better on Xbox One X. Hope your beefy PC serves you well ;)

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SierraGuy1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Pretty graphics for a god awful game. Really this is all you got?! Good luck Xbox.

Atanasrikard1984d ago

Since you Sony fanboys like to spout metacritic scores all the time, I'll let you know that metacritic disagrees with you. Even so, that doesn't even skim the surface of games available on xbox.

PistolsAtDawn1984d ago

This is easily the most dramatic difference I have ever seen in a comparison this gen. This comparison shows why most comparisons so far compare X1X to PC and not PS4 Pro

Nu1984d ago

I haven't seen anything that makes me want to buy the EX. I'd rather buy a switch at this point especially since it has way more exclusive games

Aceman181984d ago

Oh dear my world will end because I'm going to play the game on the Pro.

SurgicalMenace1984d ago

I know, right? I guess Pro games will be rendered useless after Nov. 7th? LOL How much you want to be Horizon's DLC outsells everything XBOX? LMBO

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XMarkstheSpot1985d ago

The IQ detail is a pretty impressive bump

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mark_parch1984d ago

obviously the resolution was going to be better with slightly better shadows, lighting and draw distances but damn the 4k texture pack really surprised me the difference is huge. this is extremely impressive stuff for a first proper comparison

SurgicalMenace1984d ago

If anyone is getting angry, they must have short memories or did not get to experience the PS2 era of gaming. During that time the Gamecube and the Xbox were more powerful, but like now, it didn't matter because ultimately Sony had the games. You guys can say all day that you're not interested in Playstation exclusives, while not having the option to play them is a moot point. Given the opportunity, I am more than sure most, if not all, of you would explore the opportunity to play them. Okay 3rd party games, that come to the Xbox 1, will look better, but what about all those 3rd party games that are being made exclusively for the PS4 systems? Will those look better? Why, if the XB1X is so amazing, are no 3rd parties putting development time into making games just for the Xbox consoles? Given I most likely will have one in a year or so, but I am more than sure if all they continue to offer is Forza, Gears, and Halo that it will sit as my current system does.

I loved the original Xbox and I still play it, because it had amazing exclusives and unique development styles. It seems that MS has forgotten what made us love their system in the first place. I am glad that a new system is hitting the market, albeit with no standout games that will show off its power. I guess graphic updates on old titles and xbox backwards compatibility are fine, but man how awesome it would be if there was something that truly showed off all the power the industry is going on about. I sure wish I could feed into the hype, but like so many other MS promises, I am more than sure that this console will fall short in some way too.

mark_parch1984d ago

@SurgicalMenace the article is about shadow of war performance, why are you talking about ps4 exclusives? literally any positive xbox news and we get bombarded in the comments with Microsoft must have paid them off or xbox has no games which is fine when it's relevant but what has that got to do with shadow of war looking better on xbox.

SurgicalMenace1984d ago

My apologies Mark_Patch, my comment was directed to a comment above, I must have hit the wrong reply button. Please disregard my comment as yours is sound.

mark_parch1984d ago

@SurgicalMenace No worries buddy

darthv721985d ago

I liked the first game, I'm sure i will like this one as well.

Ceaser98573611984d ago

its an amazing game the nemesis system is bumped up and its looks amazing...

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Zeref1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Huge difference as expected.

TheHorseTamer1985d ago

This game is looking good on the Xbox One X.

FoxyGotGame1984d ago

Xbox One X giving great reasons to upgrade One S. This is a really good demonstration of the systems capabilities. Anyone who who is perturbed by this article must be a insecure raging fanboy #plasticpopulation