Should PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Players Really be Banned for Stream Sniping?

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. One of the hottest contenders for the most played games on Steam (or maybe, it is the most played game on Steam, sorry Valve!). There are several problems to the game, most of which are related to the performance, and due to its relative instability. However, those stuff are really understandable, as the game is an Early Access title, but they need to be fixed as quickly as possible, considering the huge player base. However, if performance issues are bothersome, the fact that the developers trust streamers and other influencers more than the average Joe playing their game is even more so.

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ziggurcat455d ago (Edited 455d ago )

what is stream sniping? I didn't quite understand what the author was saying in trying to explain what it was.

Neonridr455d ago

so basically say you are a twitch streamer playing PUBG. You have a live stream showing you playing the game and I am a random player. I come across you in a game and then I load up your livestream which will show me exactly where you are. Then I take you out. Should that be considered cheating because I had an unfair advantage?

ziggurcat455d ago

Ahhh... okay, that's sort of what I thought it was - it's kind of like the old days with split screen MP where you just looked at your opponent's side of the screen...

Neonridr455d ago

exactly.. and that wasn't considered cheating. That was a skill. That was my thing in the Goldeneye days :P

freshslicepizza455d ago

I thought it was just random people purposely showing up to shoot the person streaming. It didn't even occur to me to be watching the stream and playing at the same time to target where they are. I would say there is something wrong with that.

EeJLP-454d ago

It's the streamers choice to broadcast their position to the world. If they're the ones reporting people for banning, they are scum.

EeJLP-454d ago

Multiplayer on PC is a joke anyway. Aimbots, seeing through walls, etc. Marcos.. Different input devices, frame rates, resolutions, wider viewing angle. You have people that do things like Foliage: Off so they see people behind cover.. If you think PC multiplayer is at all an even playing field to begin with, you haven't put any thought into it..

Pro_TactX454d ago


I would argue that it’s not an unfair advantage, because the information is available to everyone in the match, if they choose to also look at the stream, and the streamer voluntarily provides that information to anyone who chooses to obtain it.

That actually seems pretty fair to me.

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nowitzki2004454d ago

Watche Forsen clips on youtube.. best example

bluefox755454d ago

Seems like more trouble than it's worth.

xX-oldboy-Xx454d ago

Of course they shouldn't be banned. Soggy biscuits Mr Streamer, banning someone should be for using aim bots and other dodgey cheats - not for this.

I think it's hilarious.

Yohshida454d ago

Lets think about it:

Steaming is the reason PUBG is what it is today, the amount of success they have is thanks to streamers like DR. Disrespect, Shroud, Summit1G and many more. They didnt market the game at all and so this is their biggest marketing strategy. The Rules they that steamsniping is not allowed and it hurts their marketing = makes sense.

Goldby454d ago

Sorry man, people could out delays on their stream, hide important information from viewers like the map.

That's like some one yelling "I'm over here" and then when they die they call cheating.

They chose to release their location via streams why not take advantage of that

OMGitzThatGuy454d ago

Its not just a one kill situation, it's leaving games and reentering just to get into a lobby with the streamer, avoiding all other players just to kill the streamer, immediately leave the game to join the stream again just for a joke. It makes the game looks bad because you can't enjoy the game and the audience sees dumb shit. And they often do block the game until they land on the ground and blocks their map and that doesnt help. Blaming the stream snipers on the streamer is like blaming a woman being raped for wearing certain clothes.

OffRoadKing454d ago

I thought there was a significant enough delay between real time in game and what was on the stream that it wouldn't give someone an advantage?

OMGitzThatGuy454d ago

In a game like pubg where you have to camp sometimes, a 10 second delay is nothing and adding an extra delay just to combat stream snipers and ruin interaction with the audience is stupid.

OffRoadKing453d ago

But is it as stupid as people who choose to stream their gameplay and then cry like little girls when someone uses that to their advantage?

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