Could LittleBigPlanet Live Up To The Hype?


"You may have stumbled across crazed individuals rushing to get their hands on the LittleBigPlanet Beta. Video gaming websites have excitedly offered beta codes, with the stampede bringing some servers to a crawl. I've had the beta for a number of days now and I'm pleased to announce that LittleBigPlanet may well be the revolutionary game it always hoped to be."

Read on for Patrick Steen's Impressions of the LBP Beta.

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NewSchoolGamer4431d ago

and it will, despite all of the biased reviews it will get.

LightningPS34431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

everyone is out to get the PS3. Next time don't charge $200 over for a bunch of useless features that have nothing to do with what gamers want.

If PS3 was more in the price range of XBOX 360, things would be different right now.

shingo4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

I can confirm a 10/10 from IGN and GameSpot. Plus, GOTY 2008. I'm pretty sure about all that. The Beta has exceeded my high expectations and it truly lives up to its hype.

Nostradavis4431d ago

I think the PS3 is poised to do just fine. It's not like its life cycle is nearing the end. It is just getting started.

Marceles4431d ago

IGN more likely...Gamespot? That's pushing it lol, there might be "too much variety" for them.

GVON4431d ago

I got into the first beta in the eu and it's better than I thought it would/could be

jlytle12344431d ago

could? The beta is out. Its excellent. 10/10.

rexor07174431d ago

Along with MGS4, this game is a 10/10. I'm not even playing the full game, but if the beta was the game, it would easily be worth the money. But we are getting 50 premade levels and a even deeper creation aspect in the final game. The possibilities and the community in the beta have blown me away and this is a game that deserves nothing less than the great score of 10/10.

beoulve4431d ago

lightning said the same thing about HD-DVD last year. $99 versus $399.. guess who lost. Now he is on PS3 $199 vs $399, well get to bargain bin too quickly is not a good thing, consumer might lose confident of your product. People always have this thinking, higher price = better quality. If your product price slip so fast, people will think that's something wrong with your product.

Omegasyde4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

All you LBP beta testers are lucky, I wish the socom beta was half as good.

Every patch they release for the Socom beta actually makes the game worse.... Bomb of the year isn't Haze, it will be Socom Confrontation. :(

mikeslemonade4431d ago

Little Big Planet has already surpassed the hyped. And that was done with the beta. The full game will be even better. Earlier in the year Little Big Planet's excitement was about as exciting as Home which was not exciting at all, and now people without PS3s are buying PS3s for this game. I haven't seen hype since the pre Wii launch in summer of 2006. Anyone who has been lurking in message boards or forums knows Little Big Planet's hype is only topped by the Wii itself.

cmrbe4431d ago

Some people think that just because a console is 199 will automatically win.

Price is a vaey big factor but is not the only determining factor in the success or failure of a console. look at what happen to the GameCube. It reached the 199 mark before the PS2 and yet its still failed against the PS2.

The console war is very much like the Format wars although it not as one sided though like the HD-DVD vs Blu-ray. PS3 is like bul-ray in that it was late to the market, more expensive and with a greater potential. x360 is more or less a evolution of last gen which is why it was first to the market and cheaper BUT, Sony still has more support with its own internal studios with huge catalog of exclusive franchise just like the Blu had more content with the studio support it has. As for the wii. The wii is last gen like the DVD although quite popular will eventually be replaced by blu like the PS3 will in time when its cheaper and become mainstream.

nbsmatambo4431d ago

it better, bcuz i did something ive never done with any other game..I pre-ordered it from Game stop..

Time_Is_On_My_Side4431d ago

The only kind of hype this game has is that you can pretty much create anything. In order for it not to live up to the hype is if you couldn't create something using the tools given. It just needs to work and everything should be fine, the bar wasn't over exaggerated.

avacadosnorkel4431d ago

I want the bluray disc space so Killzone 2 and other games can fill it up.

...just as I want the wi-fi and hdmi

Actually the only feature I didn't want was the Backwards compatibility.

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LightningPS34431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

But at this point, it doesn't even matter. Games don't even matter. As it stands the PS3 is just priced out and set to have another miserable holiday.

Fruit Loops4431d ago

Oh yea, that's right, you're a troll.
My bad sorry
Carry on.....

NegativeCreepWA4431d ago

Some one sounds pissed that he cant afford a PS3.

ChefDejon4431d ago

i thought the ps3 outsold the 360 in 2007 and had a great holiday...hmm must of been wrong

Death4431d ago

The PS3's high price point is keeping it that much further from sustained sales. The Holidays are always a very nice surge for everyone, but this doesn't mean that sales will stay high. The Xbox 360 and PS3 have both had some very nice Holidays sales surges the past two or three years, but that has been a bulk of their sales.

The $200 mass market price still holds true. The PS3 is twice that and the Xbox 360 is just now touching it with the Arcade. The Elite and Pro are still catering to hardcore gamers. This hurts sales.


NipGrip4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

Is still allowed to post in the Gamer Zone after coming out from under his bridge in every PS3 post that garners attention is beyond me.

And "Death", Lightning is wrong as pound for pound, the $400 PS3 is a *much* better long term purchase and investment than a 360. The Arcade unit is a joke and it's going to hurt MS in the long run when parents realize they have to pay $100 for a wireless adapter, $100 for a hard drive and then it's STILL not got everything the PS3 has going for it. Not to mention the Live fees.

A $200 PS3 would have no Bluray and no wireless and thus defeat the whole purpose. Let MS play the bargain bin shell game with it's customers. It's only shooting itself in the foot in the long term.

soljah4431d ago

wow guys can you smell the fear on the replies from xbots. 3 years in and they know the system is getting outdated by the month. a desperate price drop to try and save the holiday season, next year what the bargain bin in kmart.
lets see, no wifi,no bluetooth,no bluray storage or video,no true hdmi support, no true 1080p, no true hd audio. oh and by the way next month warranty up, 3red rings guess what you guys are on your own.
the fear no mgs4, no lbp, no r2, no motorstorm,no kz2, infamous,gt5,white knight ,ico,heavy rain.
oh but if you have a pc then you can play every xbot game. show me one ps3 exclusive on a pc. lbp is one of the few visionary games to come this year. congrats to Sony and mm for taking a risk and trying to give gamers something outside the norm.

beoulve4431d ago

I wish i saved the link last year, that dude said the same thing about HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.

Death4431d ago

The Arcade is not the console for you. You can easily assign value to a more expensive PS3 since gaming is more important to you. The casual gamer doesn't care if a console can bake bread and brew coffee while playing games, they look at the price. This is how the PS2 is able to sell so many consoles every month.

The high price tag is the PS3's biggest hurdle that keeps it from hitting the casual/mass market that Nintendo owns all by itself right now.

As for the "desperation" claims that some are quick to make, the Xbox 360 Pro launched for $399 and the Core for $299. In the last three years since lauch, the system has dropped a total of $100. The PS3 launched at $599 for the 60 gig and $499 for the 20 which was dropped months after release. Today the only PS3 available is the 80 gig for $399. That is a drop of $200 in two years. To recap, the PS3 has dropped twice as much money in about half the time. They also cut features which is generally considered "bad". I don't think either company is desperate, but if I had to pick it wouldn't be Microsoft.

Want to discuss market share?


cmrbe4431d ago

is it possible that the PS2 sold that many console per month when it hit 199 not just because its 199 but also because MGS2,FF10 and GT3 was out by then?.

GameCube from my recollection reached 199 before the PS2 and yet the majority of PS1 owners were still waiting.

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THC CELL4431d ago

reviews can go both ways
Some will bash some will give it scores on the mark

Ps3 bundle will out sell
word of mouth will get out
This may be as well game of the year

The You tube of gaming is out in less than 18 days

THC CELL4431d ago

first of all i would vote this game of the year as well as

I lost all my bubbles for saying gears was washed out wow
prove me wrong

This game makes gears look like sh!t

Sack of war ftw i cant wait to see it

I will give bubbles to anyone who is a sony playstation fan

lawman11084431d ago

Mr. Divnich just released a report estimating September's NPD sales and claims that Microsoft's 360 price cut spurred console sales in the region to the tune of 320,000 units for the month. If true, September would be the first time in 2008 where the 360 sold over 300,000 units in a month. Even better news is that September's PS3 sales are estimated to be around 215,000 units or less. Official NPD sales numbers release October 16th


alexM4431d ago

hey bastard fU***

kids game???

thats gaylo3 at 600p

where will u be bastard when LBP gets 10/10 from all websites

and 100% at meta

oh wait
quqquqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuu eers of war 1.1


SpecialSauce4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

why are you talking about console sale? or even the xbox? the only reason it's selling more is because of the price cut. it's now another shyty cheap console much like the wii. lol xbots rejoicing because their console finally sold more consoles!!! and it took a HUNDRED DOLLAR PRICE CUT!! that's sad not something to brag about. i've already played the game enough to know it's something thats gonna impress loads of people. i'm always honest not being a fanboy. for instance i think R2 is the stupid piece of crap game. and i love gears of war.

CliffordM Bleszinski4431d ago

this game is good, but no wear close to gears of war 2. gears of war 2 will win GOTY across the table hands down.

Omegasyde4431d ago (Edited 4431d ago )

Can Grand Ma play gears of war 2?

Will she understand its concepts?

In gears of War 2 can you create levels?

In gears of War 2 can you play 4 player co-op on the same screen?

What do you do when you Beat the game?

Do you wait months for Downloadable content?

Also is Gears of War 2 have a ESRB rating of "Everyone"?

Pain4430d ago

Dose a Xbox 2 get Hot?

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Dark3604431d ago