Top 5 Game Studios Killed by EA

EA has a history of killing studios. Of all its victims, these five are the most tragic. Let's reminisce about those developers left behind in the wake of the terrifying murder known as Electronic Arts (just in time for Halloween)!

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UCForce416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

I never forget what EA did. They are just worst as Activision.

415d ago
KomaRising415d ago

I would personally say Activision is just slightly worse but they both make some of the shitiest decisions in the industry.

Forbidden_Darkness416d ago

It's pretty sad when a company can have a top 5 for studios they've killed off.

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darthv72415d ago

Pandemic and Bullfrog were very sad closures. Origin sort of was a given after the last wing commander game (and the bad movie didnt help things).

Lighter9415d ago

RIP Bullfrog. Dungeon Keeper 3 would've been epic.

Fist4achin414d ago

The sabateur and mercenaries were two great games that would have been badass to have been released or evolved for this generation.

Relientk77415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

Westwood Studios also made a Diablo clone called Nox. It's still one of the best PC games I've ever played, absolutely love it. If you like Diablo I highly recommend it.

Reibooi414d ago

The loss of Westwood was hard to swallow when it happened. I know alot of folks jump to Command and Conquer but for me I fell in love with the Lands of Lore series. It makes me sad that EA has hold of the IP and will in all likelihood never touch it. Not that I blame them as it was a niche series but I wish when a company knows that they will never use a IP again they would just sell it. For example nice that IO could keep Hitman as SE would have never done anything with it.

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The story is too old to be commented.