A Look Back at 5 of Visceral Games' Best Game Releases

Visceral Games, otherwise known as EA Redwood Shores Studio, was one of the best developers in the industry, responsible for the some of gaming’s highest profile titles during the sixth and seventh console generations. Recreating popular book and cinema franchises in addition to crafting its own IP, Visceral Games will most certainly be missed now that EA has officially announced its closure. The following is a list of the developer’s most noteworthy titles in order from worst to best.

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michellelynn0976364d ago

Goood going EA. Keep killing those good developers you have. They need to go under. They seriously do, or get new people and start over.

wheatley364d ago

The game left off this list - Dead Space 3 - can certainly be dubbed "when EA meddled". Co-Op and Micro Transactions for pay to win I felt killed the hype for this game leading up to release. Such a shame that the franchise was abandoned after that.
Sad that EA can just shelf this great company to save themselves some money, they certainly don't know what consumers want. I hope the staff at Visceral Games can find other work quickly.

bolimekurac364d ago

well lets hope that the devs land new jobs at a new place and continue making games

mrdeli364d ago

I am missing me some Dead Space.