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The much-anticipated Gran Turismo Sport pulled up to the starting line on October 17. It's been four years since Polyphony Digital and Sony have released a Gran Turismo title.

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Perjoss368d ago

I'm tempted to get this for the VR alone, it looks kinda mind blowing imo

Gunstar75368d ago

The VR version looks good, but a shame the tech is quite where it needs to be. 1 other car on track isn't good enough really.
Nice demo though

freshslicepizza368d ago

It does look very good visually but the limitations is really not doing VR much justice. One on one racing and not even able to race another person online. They got it working but with huge concessions.

InTheZoneAC368d ago

Thanks for being a beta tester. Hopefully VR is where I want it to be in 5-10 years before I make the jump

Perjoss368d ago

Np, I've been messing around with VR headsets since the DK1 came out, and although I'm certainly not one of those people that goes around preaching that VR is the future, I have to say there are some amazing experiences to be had if you know what to buy and what to avoid.

generic-user-name368d ago

Nothing beta about RE7 in VR, you're missing out.

B1uBurneR368d ago

The Forza Killer is just a filler.

ShinMaster368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Why do we need a Forza killer? When it has yet to kill GT in the first place lol.
The last TWO Forza games combined barely sold as much as GT6 ALONE and that's not even one of the highest performing games in the series. Lighting and driving physics still trail behind it.

They're not even competing on the same platform, so that's a pointless statement.

B1uBurneR367d ago

@ShinMaster. So its not comparable because it's not competing on the same platform, yet you're comparing past iterations of Gt saying it killed Forza.

Say no more, Just take the L.

WePlayDirty368d ago

There are plenty of 9/10's too.

RexKwonDo368d ago

Yeah but it's been stuck in the 70s on metacritic. 76 based on critic reviews. FM7 is a full 10 points ahead of it.

WePlayDirty368d ago

@Rex, Lets be real. I think FM7 should be knocked 5 points for having microtranscations and lootboxes.

ShinMaster368d ago

It's most likely going to outperform the competition anyway.

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EazyC368d ago

Gah I wish games rental still existed in Ireland, I really want to get this one but poor reviews are putting me off. Love that it has split-screen too, in PC2/Driveclub they really missed a trick there.

Plus, for all the reviewers' misgivings I really do like the idea of online - focus. It's typically such an afterthought in racing games.

MatrixxGT368d ago

The online races i have played were very competative and nice. Not a single crash fest yet. Very surprised.

Ducky368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

The driving experience is bundles of fun - even more so than what I remember from the previous GT games.
To the point that I actually enjoy the endurance race (against AI) because time just flies, whereas I thought they were a bit of a drag in the previous games.

The online is also well done, but currently the Sports Mode is set so that there are only three races for an entire week, and that can get boring playing the same three races.

The reviews mostly agree on the driving and online being pretty good. Its just the content, notably the number of tracks, that's a bit low.
I guess it depends on how much faith you have in PD - whether they'll add new content in a timely fashion or not.

TankCrossing368d ago

Online an afterthought in most racing games? I'm assuming it has been a good number of years since you played a racing game?

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