Why Gen 8 Is the Best Generation

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Our journey together through the history of video games has finally reached the modern-day. Anointing the current generation as the best one ever is a hard thing to do since its obviously still ongoing. The current lineup of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch still have a lot of gaming left in them and what will largely define this generation for future gamers may still be unwritten. However, we also about six years into this most-modern era of gaming and in a lot of ways the impression that the 8th generation of gaming will leave with players has already been decided. So, for the final time in this series, let’s dive into the reasons why this generation stands above all of the rest."

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strayanalog462d ago

Generation 8 was pretty much a remaster of the previous generation, as the 7th's stumble continued with clearer visuals.
The Remaster Generation saw social gaming rise to the heights of normality, bringing with it both pros and cons to the industry. Gamers became spectators with platforms like Twitch, hosts earning money by how they entertain in each stream. Our social collective reach was finally realized as we could now enhance our experience with ways of talking to developers, and the creators listening to actual wants and concerns. Sadly this power also brought abuse, as‎ the cinematic landscape started in the previous generation was now stunted with political correctness, now forcing most developers‎ to tread lighter than ever before with their artistic decisions.‎
We definitely expected more out of our consoles as cries of better graphics now came with cries of apps, proving gaming would continue to chase its tail to push for all-in-one media boxes to carter to the now larger gaming demographic.‎ The 4th Generation's idea of redesigned models now jumped over with mid-gen upgrades, boasting suped-up graphics and 4K gaming so clear you can see the next generation (or are already standing in it).
For the gaming front, curiously, Gen 8 also brought a ton of nostalgia with it, as greedy developers were a little too keen on cashing in on previous success than forming new roads. Remakes and remasters now created an echo the likes of which we've never seen before, proving a newer generation of gamers will buy and pretty still sells.
This cycle of gaming defiantly made the Open World genre the go-to, almost like it was a right of passage or to ensure us that our cinematic universe was deep.
Now more than ever the 6th Generation's proof that hype can kill was proved again, but this time with software as developers showed product off at too early a stage, forcing gamers to wait longer than normal giving us all just enough time to move on or for another game to take its place.
‎In my opinion, I think Generation 8 is so much like the 7th that I'll always wonder what more we could we had gotten instead of just settling, and make no mistake we did settle on our situation when we voted with our wallets. Our hobby is expensive, and any gamer will tell you that, but this generation simply fell too far from gaming's basics. Developer focus should be making the best product possible, not making the deadline to patch it later or deliver game breaking glitches. Give us full experiences, don't rob early adopters with season passes and DLC - include them. Don't overindulge with splashing new paint on old art, give us new masterpieces to remember. Gen 8 will never be a "Best" candidate for any gaming Generation, but hopefully, rather, the best wake up call we've ever had.

DJK1NG_Gaming462d ago

Switch is not 8th generation.

SegaGamer461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

It's not, it may only just make the top 5. There are too many negatives in the industry right now, that stops it being one of the best.

stefan_771461d ago

Worst generation ever IMO It's just a continuation of last gen with less features

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