EA’s Star Wars ‘pivot’ is a vote of no confidence in single-player games

Electronic Arts announced yesterday that it is refocusing the Star Wars project that had been in development at Visceral Games, an unannounced action-adventure title with a linear story campaign. EA Vancouver is taking over with a new direction, assisted by other EA studios, while EA is shuttering Visceral Games entirely and looking to shift the studio’s developers elsewhere inside the company.

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AndyG365d ago

False flag. They are making the greatest Star Wars Singleplayer since time began!

365d ago
andrewsquall365d ago

Ironically Bioware already made that almost 20 years ago. This HAD potential alright but its in the gutter now. At least we can all agree EA are the MASTERS at going out of their way to destroy any hype for an upcoming game.

UltraNova365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

...and studio they buy.

There finished it for you.

-Foxtrot365d ago

I don't even watch it but I keep thinking of Ross


DarkOcelet365d ago

Friends is awesome though. You should definitely watch it.

-Foxtrot365d ago

I want to but the thing is when I was in my GCSE Media Studies we were doing a module on Sitcoms and the teacher decided to show us a variety of different ones which were iconic...she showed us the very last episode.

The very first one I watched was the last...kind of spoilt it for me so I'll give it another few years when I forget or if I luckily hit my head, get a concussion and my mind goes blank :)

CobraKai365d ago

Episode 1 reference!! I love it!!!

zb1ftw777365d ago

Just because the market is going that way, doesn't mean i have too.

Not buying Battlefront 2 because of the microtransactions and loot boxes.

Won't buy this if it doesn't have a great single player campaign without microtransactions and loot boxes.

If the new generation of gamers are happy to pay, i am fine with that. I'll just get my gaming kicks elsewhere.

UltraNova365d ago

The way things are going I m wondering, where/how are you gonna get your gaming kicks from and can i join you?

zb1ftw777365d ago

On the Switch.

Quality exclusives with none of the bullshit.

UltraNova365d ago

Its on my radar, but I need story driven games as well.

andrewsquall365d ago

Thank goodness for those Mr Plinkett Star Wars reviews because I never would have got that "vote of no confidence" reference.

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The story is too old to be commented.