Activision Patent Shows Manipulation Is Now Core Design

The recent patent by Activision for a system that manipulates matchmaking to drive microtransactions is worrying on many levels.

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Nodoze454d ago

The AAA game is well and truly dead. While there are a few hold outs that are still producing quality software that is not milking customers at every turn, it is now the exception and not the rule. SAD.

454d ago
opinionated454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

I trust activision more than I do the people who broke the story, “fake rape” rolling stone. A trash magazine.

Getting my ass kicked isn’t going to make me buy loot boxes. Seeing some fancy gun skin isn’t going to make me buy loot boxes. It’s not some complex mind manipulation algorithm, it’s a basic marketing ploy. It’s not even implemented, it’s just a patent. If you want to demonize publishers for shutting down studios that have never made a bad game in their existence? I’m with you. If you want to fabricate your own reality to mesh with your anti-corporation/anti-capitali st political beliefs then I think you’re a fruitcake.

D3TH_D33LR454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

A vast majority of gamers and internet commentors are fruitcakes when it comes to their entitlement and opinions lol

opinionated454d ago

I would love it if publishers sold and traded studios like baseball players. Unfortunately it’s not like that, it’s “give me your IPs and gtfo”. I hear it constantly, “greedy assholes!” Lol. Yes, welcome to the business side of your hobby. These publishers have always been like this, EA especially. What has changed exactly? Besides the high pitched squeal of a small segment of the gaming community.

ZombieKiller454d ago

It's always been their core design...they STARTED season pass on console. Lol a little late to the party...